Advertising Or Guest Posting

Advertising Or Guest Posting

Are you an airline Pilot, Cabin Crew, Ground staff, Engineer or any position related to the airline industry or you may be someone not working in the airline but have a deep interest and extensive knowledge in aviation and have some good experiences to share to the world?

If you have an interest in writing and want to share your exciting stories and experiences, then you have definitely come to the right place as Aviation Dreamer is looking to hire the PAID guest writer.

This is an excellent opportunity to earn some extra cash sharing your passion and interest. If you are really good, I may even consider hiring you as a permanent guest writer for Aviation Dreamer.

It could be anything so long it’s related to aviation, for example, airline interview process, tips to excel and succeed in getting an airline job (for any position), your personal working experience, do’s and don’ts, or anything that you deem is suitable for the audience of Aviation Dreamer.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Q. How much will I be paid for my article?

Depending on the quality of the content, it could be anywhere between USD 5 to USD 20 per submission.

Q. How long should I write?

Is preferable if it’s between 500 to 1500 words or maybe more.

Q. Will I be guaranteed that my article will be published in Aviation Dreamer?

No, it’s best if you send me what topic you intend to write first and once I give you the go ahead, you can begin writing. This way, I will not waste your time on writing something which I feel is not suitable for the audience in Aviation Dreamer. You Can send your topic in within 24 hours I will reply you.

Q. What should I avoid?

This is not a place for you to write something like a promotion or marketing article. If you want to advertise your product or services in the Aviation Dreamer website. please email on –

Also, I am only looking for genuine and real content from your personal experience and not something you cut and paste from other websites.

Q. When and how will you get paid?

If you are from India, I can pay you via a local bank account or Paytm as your choice and if you are from other countries, I will pay you via Paypal. You will be paid 7 days after the article is being published at Aviation Dreamer.

Q. How can I know if I am qualified to be an author and I need some past writing experience?

No, you do not need any prior writing experience, so long you can write something which is easy to read and easy to understand and of course in proper English, you are good to go!

Note: Please bear in mind that once the article is being published, it will be a property of Aviation Dreamer and I also have every rights to alter/change the content which I feel suitable for the audience of Aviation Dreamer.

Thank You

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