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Do you want to travel abroad? for a job or its may education or business. You need to carry your travel document. You should know very well about your travel document. Air travel document required for abroad or documents required for traveling abroad from India is the same thing and we know some common document so here you can get an idea about the international traveling document and as airport staff what are the things we have to check from the document of a passenger.

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A passport is usually issued for ten years and is generally valid for all countries of the world. However, an agent will have to face many passports from different countries and should always check the validity because it can be different. Passport’s expiration date is very important and according to the issue of the country can be located at different locations within the passport. It should never be considered that all passports are similar to those issues in your country.

Introduction of VISA

Introduction:-  A visa is a form of documentation allowing entry to a specific country or group of countries. It may also display regulations for that person whilst in the country, they are visiting. It usually contains an expiry date and the number of entries allowed on that particular visa.

  • Transit visa:- These visas are issued to passengers who are traveling through a country to get to their final destination. They are usually valid for three days or less. DATV (direct airside transit visa).
  • Business visa:- A business visa is issued to people who are traveling to a country for commercial or business reasons. These are often more easily renewable than a tourist/visitor visa.
  • Visitor/tourist visa:- A visitor visa is issued to passengers who are just visiting a foreign country. These are usually valid for a set period, up to 3-6 months. The passport of the holders of this type of visa shall be valid for six months from the date of travel and the passenger shall hold an onward or return ticket to leave the country. The check-in agent must check the expiry date.

The Process to Check Air Travel Documents (Passport and VISA)


The following step is the process to check the passport of a passenger on behalf of an airline’s ground staff also as first-time passengers, we can get an idea to travel an international destination and what is the document required to present at the airport. So following are the responsibility of the check-in agent and must be carried out with due diligence:

  • Name – must match the name on the airline ticket.
  • Photography – must match the person presenting it.
  • Expiry date – must be after the travel date. Some countries stipulate that the expiry date must be a certain time after the travel date (usually for visitor visas 6 months validity).
  • National status – this will affect whether a passenger requires a visa or not.
  • Visa – if a passenger needs a visa then check the validity and expiry date.
  • Empty pages – a minimum of two empty pages are available.
  • Condition – if the passport is not in good condition then the passenger may not be allowed to travel. Pages must not be written on.
  • Countries of restriction – see if any. If there is a passenger who cannot travel to these countries.
  • Children on parent’s passport – children included are children shown on parent’s passport and if so are they still under 16 on the day of proposed return travel?
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The following step is the process of checking the VISA of a passenger on behalf of an airline’s ground staff also as first-time passengers, we can get an idea to travel to an international destination and what is documents required to present at the airport. So following are the responsibility of the check-in agent and must be carried out with due diligence :

  1. Check-in name matching the passport and ticket.
  2. Check the passport number on the visa matches the passport.
  3. Check the type of visa issued, matching with the other relevant document passenger is traveling with.
  4. Check the number of visits permitted on the visa.
  5. Check the issue and expiry date.
  6. Check the place of the issue.
  7. Check that the visa covers all the passengers traveling.
  8. Check for any remarks/endorsements.
  9. Check the quality and security features of the visa.

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