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Friends, are you looking for an Akasa Air cabin crew jobs in Delhi? then here you will check out the details about Akasa Air’s latest vacancy for fresher and more experienced cabin crew. As all of you know Akasa Air is India’s new airline. So. if you are fresher and want to start your career as a cabin crew. Then Akasa Air Career will be the best option for you.

So if you want to apply for this job and you are fresher then I request you to read this article till the end. Because here in this article you will get detailed information about the Akasa Air cabin crew requirement criteria, the Akasa Air cabin crew job description, and how you can apply for an Akasa Airline career online.

Friends Akasa Airline is India’s newest airline. Which is owned by a private person and the airline hubs are located in Bangalore. The airline was founded in 2021 by Mr. Binay Dubay (CEO) and Mr. Aditay Ghosh. Akasa Air head office is located in Mumbai, India. If you need more information about this airline please check the airline’s official website or Wikipedia.

Company Name – Akasa Air
Job Title – Cabin Crew/Air Hostess
Job Location – Delhi, India
Interview Date – Na
Interview Location – Need to check the official notice
Application Process – Online

akasa air cabin crew

Requierment Craiteria Akasa Air Cabin Crew Jobs

  • Minimum HSC
  • 18 years of age
  • Medically fit as defined by DGCA
  • Previous experience in customer service or jobs that involve dealing with people
  • Behavioral / Leadership – Interpersonal relations, Teamwork, Compliance oriented, and Time Management
  • Language: proficient in English & Hindi
  • Understanding & Knowledge of DGCA regulations
  • Customer service oriented
  • Communication skills

Job Descriptions of Akasa Air Cabin Crew

  • Strictly adhere to and remain conversant & compliant to set standard operating procedures as per the Government, DGCA, and Company Manuals.
  • Maintain current knowledge of rules and regulations and procedures for the operations of the aircraft. Keep abreast with the latest safety & service circulars/notices/procedures/campaigns & promotions.
  • Strict adherence to company grooming & turn-out standards. Be responsible and present a professional image whilst on duty and on layovers.
  • Responsible for the validity of mandatory and regulatory training & documents, their timely issue, renewal, and extension.
  • Responsible to conduct inflight sales and continuously increasing ancillary revenue. As a salesperson, you must always promote the airline as a brand and share various options available to the customer, thereby ensuring the Akasa Air Experience is demonstrated, Customer’s overall experience is enhanced.
  • Ensure service delivery is efficiently organized and consistently delivered by the crew to meet and exceed customer expectations. Finesse and presentation are of paramount importance. Pay special attention to customers requiring special assistance with reduced mobility, the elderly, unaccompanied minors, and mothers with infants/children.
  • Make every effort to see that the customer is comfortable and always show that you care for them. Maintain a high level of enthusiasm at all times and your passion for customer care must be visible to all.
  • Take a detailed galley handover and ensure all sales stock, pre-booked meals and other catering uplifts are as per catering documents.
  • Maintain good public relations in the cabin by engaging positively & proactively with the customers (Be the Brand Ambassador).
  • Ensure On-Time Performance is maintained.
  • Maintain a high level of self-discipline at all times when on duty and strictly adhere to the cabin crew code of conduct. Ensure the focus is on customer safety, security, and comfort.
  • Responsible for checking, safeguarding, and return of all company equipment and unused catering supplies. Responsible for the cleanliness & tidiness of aircraft cabins, lavatories, and galleys. Monitor the cabin throughout the flight.
  • Responsible to report all issues/discrepancies/non-compliances/cabin & galley defects to the Inflight Manager.
  • Make all relevant announcements as defined in the Announcement book (if approved as per announcement ratings)
  • Complete all pre-flight and post-flight duties.
  • Recommend changes with regards to service delivery/design/enhancement of service/product, reducing wastage based on customer/crew feedback. Take pride in improving processes and bringing in cost reduction/efficiency.
  • Practice effective CRM to ensure coordination with the cockpit crew and other related departments (Airport Services, catering, security). Go beyond the call of duty in assisting colleagues.

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How to Apply for Akasa Air Career Online

Friends if you want to apply for an Akasa Air cabin crew job and if you have checked the above information and think you are eligible for this job. Then first you need to visit the airline’s official job advertising page by clicking here. Then you need to click on the I am interested button.

Then you will get the application form where you need to upload your updated resume, basic information, address information, professional details, educational details, and social network details, and at the end, you need to upload a photo and write the captcha. Then you can submit your application form successfully.

Then you need to wait for a few days if the company HR will be shortlisting your resume. They will contact you for the interview or the next process.

Then you can submit your application. Friends here you can find out the Emirates Airline cabin crew’s latest jobs for fresher males and females.


Can 5’2 be a cabin crew?

People 5,2 ‘tall can be cabin crew. For that, he has to find an airline that employs people of this height. I know the number of airlines is very low. But if you are looking for a job with a small airline or a private airline then you will have the advantage of getting the right job depending on your height.

Can an air hostess marry?

Yes, an air hostess can get married. But for that, they have to accept some conditions. That is, air hostesses will be allowed to marry on the condition that they have worked for four years and – caught here – that they will not become pregnant.

Is cabin crew a permanent job?

It depends entirely on the airline. But yes most airlines hire cabin crew on a permanent basis and there are some airlines that hire cabin crew on a contract basis.

Can I be a flight attendant if I’m fat?

Sorry, the answer is no. Because to be a flight attendant your weight must be proportional to your height and you must be able to perform the duties of a flight attendant effectively.

Do flight attendants need perfect teeth?

No. The airline never tells you that you should have just perfect teeth. But yes, airlines look for candidates with good and presentable teeth and a healthy smile.

Is a married girl can apply for the Akasa Air air hostess?

Yes, of course, you can apply for a GoAir Air Hostess job after completing a 10 + 2 / Higher Secondary Exam. No problem with your marital status. But I advise everyone to check the criteria of specific job requirements before applying.

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I hope the above information will help you to apply for the Akasa Air cabin crew jobs in 2023. Now you can visit the airline website and apply online as per the airline guideline and wait for shortlisted your application among all.

If your application will be shortlisted by the airline HR, they will contact you and arrange for your English test and interview.

So, that’s all for the day. If you have any more queries related to aviation jobs, you can contact me on my telegram channel by the name of Aviation Dreamer.

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