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Friends, are you looking for Akasa Air Job Vacancy in 2024? Then here in this article, you will get detailed information about Akasa Air Recruitment for Ground Staff Posts. All Indian citizens men and women who have completed their graduation can apply for this Akasa Air Recruitment.

So, if you want to apply for an Akasa Air job as ground staff in India, then you need to read this article till the end. Because here in this article you will get the details about Akasa Air round staff requirement criteria, job descriptions, and how you can apply online, and also, the salary scale of a fresher in Akasa Air jobs.

About Akasa Air

Akasa Air is a cutting-edge flying machine that fuses cutting-edge technology with environmental awareness. It provides a thrilling travel experience while lowering carbon emissions and easing traffic on the ground. Future-proof, safe, effective, and environmentally friendly transportation is offered by Akasa Air thanks to its svelte design and cutting-edge electric propulsion system. Fly through the air with Akasa Air as you usher in a new era of environmentally friendly aviation.

akasa air job vacancy

Requirement Criteria for Akasa Air Job

  • Prepares duty roster and assigns resources accordingly.
  • Briefs and de-briefs staff before and after the flights and report the details to Security Manager on a regular basis.
  • Handles IFSO, special customers, as and when deployed, and ramp-to-ramp transfer personally.
  • Supervises and ensures B. A Test. Ensure to conduct anti-sabotage checks, and dummy checks and initiate actions. Also, conducts pre and post-boarding checks including secondary checks and reports.
  • Visits cargo warehouse regularly to ensure that all security policies are followed. Also, ensures that cargo is escorted from the CWH to the airport and that there is no unlawful interference with cargo.
  • Visits catering establishments regularly and follows set procedures for handling catering and ensures escort high lifts to the aircraft and report any deviation.
  • Checks booked cargo, courier, mail, and bonded cargo as per set procedures and documents the same. Reports deviations / unlawful interference.
  • Supervises guarding idle aircraft and reports deviations.
  • Interacts with passengers and handles security-related issues as and when required.
  • Receives inputs on serviceability equipment, initiates action, and follows up.
  • Interacts with external agencies like Police, BCAS, and BDDS and initiates actions as and when advised. Attends BTAC/APSC meetings as and when required.
  • Maintains and monitors attendance and leave records of security staff
  • Monitors Staff Turnout (Uniform and Grooming) and supervises their work.
  • Ensure hassle-free ops and OTP

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Job Descriptions of Akasa Air Ground Staff

  • Minimum Educational Qualification: Graduate.
  • Age Criteria: Between 22- 40 years.
  • Experience required: 2 to 7 years.
  • Key Requirement for the Position /Primary Responsibility: Good Communication skills and fluency in English. Minimum 1+ years of experience as a screener, should hold valid X-ray, AVSEC certification & DGR CAT 12 certificate.
  • Focus Security Screener /Sr. The executive/supervisor will be responsible for safe and secure flight operations.

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How to Apply for Akasa Air Recruitment

Friends if you have checked all the information from the above and now you want to apply online for the Akasa Air job vacancy. Then first you need to click here. It will redirect you to the airline’s official page. Where you need to click on the “I’m Interested” button. Then the application form will appear for the Akasa Airlines recruitment.

Step 1 – First you need to upload your updated and professional-looking resume. Then you need to fill up your basic information (like your name, contact number, email, and address).

akasa air job application

Step 2 – Then you need to fill up your personal details and others’ information and your education and experience if any. And your social media profile details.

how apply akasa air vacancy

Step 3 – Then you need your passport-size photo fill in the captcha and submit the form for Akasa Airlines’ jobs as ground staff. If you want to join any training institute for ground staff jobs then here you can check out the best ground staff course with a 100% placement guarantee for freshers.

how apply akasa air recruitment

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  1. Can 5’2 be a cabin crew?

    People 5,2 ‘tall can be cabin crew. For that, he has to find an airline that employs people of this height. I know the number of airlines is very low. But if you are looking for a job with a small airline or a private airline then you will have the advantage of getting the right job depending on your height.

  2. Can an air hostess marry?

    Yes, an air hostess can get married. But for that, they have to accept some conditions. That is, air hostesses will be allowed to marry on the condition that they have worked for four years and – caught here – that they will not become pregnant.

  3. Is cabin crew a permanent job?

    It depends entirely on the airline. But yes most airlines hire cabin crew permanently and some airlines hire cabin crew on a contract basis.

  4. Can I be a flight attendant if I’m fat?

    Sorry, the answer is no. Because to be a flight attendant your weight must be proportional to your height and you must be able to perform the duties of a flight attendant effectively.

  5. Do flight attendants need perfect teeth?

    No. The airline never tells you that you should have just perfect teeth. But yes, airlines look for candidates with good and presentable teeth and a healthy smile.

  6. Can a married girl apply for the Akasa Air air hostess?

    Yes, of course, you can apply for an Akasa Air air hostess job after completing a 10 + 2 / Higher Secondary Exam. No problem with your marital status. But I advise everyone to check the criteria of specific job requirements before applying.

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I hope the above information will help you to apply for the Akasa Air job vacancy as ground staff in 2024. Now you can visit the airline website and apply online as per the airline guidelines and wait for your application among all.

If your application is shortlisted by the airline HR, they will contact you and arrange for your English test and interview.

So, that’s all for the day. If you have any more queries related to aviation jobs, you can contact me on my telegram channel by the name of Aviation Dreamer.

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