Cabin Crew Uniform in Indian Airline [2024]- Details Update

Friends, I know you are reading this article because you want to become a cabin crew or flight attendant. That’s why you are searching for a cabin crew uniform in an Indian airline.

So, friends, if it’s true, then I promise you that you love this article about air hostess uniforms of different Indian airlines and you will get any information about cabin crew jobs and ground staff jobs from our website.

Here you will get all of India’s top 10 airline cabin crew uniform lists which you should know before going for a cabin crew interview. Here is the list of Indian airlines.

  • Indigo cabin crew uniform
  • SpiceJet cabin crew uniform
  • Vistara cabin crew uniform
  • Air India cabin crew uniform
  • GoAir cabin crew uniform
  • Jet Airways cabin crew uniform

Most of the applicants want to become cabin crew because they love to wear the cabin crew uniform. They love to be very handsome and stylish. So, I think the air hostess uniform plays a big role in choosing the airline to work as an applicant. So, you can check out the below details. I have mentioned the air hostess uniform details.

Indigo Cabin Crew Uniform

Friends remember Indigo only hires female candidates for their cabin crew position. So, as an Indigo airline cabin crew, your uniform will be one piece in navy-blue color.

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Rajesh Pratap Singh has designed the indiGo air hostess uniform. Stylist Ambika Pillai’s make-up templates emphasize friendly efficiency. Only two shades of lipstick and nail color are permitted fuchsia pink or terracotta. The bob-cut wigs are optional for their cabin crew.

indigo cabin crew uniform

SpiceJet Cabin Crew Uniform

While retaining its signature red color, SpiceJet incorporates a unique and striking design for its uniform. This new range enhances glamor and style while retaining youthfulness and elegance. In addition, a different design for each department specifically makes the airline more attractive for its cabin crew.

During the summer, their female cabin crew will wear a one-piece dress. A short shift dress with a sling bag and box heels for the rest of the month. Spicejet male flight attendant uniform is a formal three-piece suit with red waistcoats and white shirts with laced-up oxford shoes. The uniform was designed by SHIFT and promoted by celebrated designer Nimish Shah.

spicejet cabin crew uniform

Vistara Cabin Crew Uniform

Vistara’s cabin crew uniform is based on its brand colors. Vistara female air hostess uniform will wear a one-piece dress in American purple color.
Vistara male flight attendant uniform includes a light lavender-colored shirt, along with midnight blue tailored fitted trousers and a classic, sleeveless mandarin-collar jacket. Adding a dash of color to the elegant dress is a yellow-gold pocket square. The uniform is designed to visually and functionally complement Vistara’s unique, eye-catching, and practical.

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vistara cabin crew uniform

Air India Cabin Crew Uniform

The national carrier, Air India, has received a type of makeover. Air India’s female cabin crew has an option of three different uniforms to choose from. Retaining the traditional sari as part of the air hostess uniform, the airline introduced Kurtis, churidars, and trousers to give its flight attendants a more contemporary look.

Air India male attendants will now wear black trousers, a blue pinstripe shirt, a red tie, and a black jacket.

air india cabin crew uniform

GoAir Cabin Crew Uniform

GoAir is one of the low-cost airlines in India based in Mumbai. All the boys and girls applicants can apply for the cabin crew position in this airline.

So, the GoAir cabin crew uniform color is for males and females, both dark bluish-gray.

goair cabin crew uniform

Note – Freinds you need to have a great resume for cabin crew interviews. If you don’t have that you can get help from our aviation resume expert. HURRY

Jet Airways Cabin Crew Uniform

Now Jet Airways is no more. But the young boys and girls were die-hard fans of this airline. They wanted to join this airline as cabin crew because of their uniform. Capucci designs Jet Airways cabin crew uniforms. The airline’s uniform base color of jet blue color and Sun yellow color.

jetairways cabin crew uniform

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