10 Code Word that Used by Flight Attendant During Flights

Friends, do you want to become a flight attendant? Then here you should know 10 code word that used by a flight attendant during their flights. So, I hope this article will motivate or more interested in the flight attendant jobs.

These are the common code words used by the cabin crew during their flights to show more professionalism. These words are looks like one or two words, but it means a lot. Because during a flight you can’t talk about any security or personal caring things infront of the passengers.

In that time, a flight attendant or cabin crew can use this code word to make a secure conversation with each other. Below I have a total 10 code word that used commonly during a flight.

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10 Code Words That Used by Flight Attendants

  1. Landing lips: It is used when someone applies a new layer of makeup before landing the plane.
  2. Crotch watch: Do you know what happens when the cabin crew checks your seat belt for a small part of the flight? For this, slang is running on ‘crotch watch’.
  3. Cheerio: We have already heard about this. Some cabin crew folk prefer to use the term so that passengers can leave the plane and say goodbye to you as a secret sign. Most of the time, it is just a secret joke between him and his colleague, though from the sound of it.
  4. Coach roach: It is only a crew member who enjoys working in the coach class.
  5. Galley queen: We all know people who can be defensive about their place. The galley queen is a flight attendant who works in the galley position who will not let uninvited guests into her “office”.
  6. Deadhead: A deadhead occurs when a member of the cabin crew is on the flight but not working – so they are simply there as a passenger, as the airline needs to get them from one place to another.
  7. Baby Jesus: Chances are you are flying with a baby and crying for the duration. The cabin crew allegedly dubbed a child as ‘Baby Jesus’ when his parents consider it to be the most important passenger, which in the end may be rude to Mum and Dad’s crew.
  8. Crop dusting: It is a short and unpleasant one. A cabin crew member is ‘Crop Dusting’ when they deviate from an aimless path to get out a quiet little fart.
  9. Hot bunking: This codeword is military slang when the crew member’s cot is occupied by someone else in front of them. so recently, it’s “hot!”
  10. Miracle flight: This code phrase is used when elderly passengers need help to board a plane but “miraculously” do not need a wheelchair when it is time to leave.
  11. Crash pad: Ever wondered what cabin crew do between their endless flights? They probably go to a ‘crash pad’ – an apartment or house that crew members share as a spot to sleep between flights, sometimes with 30 beds or bunk.
  12. Slam clicker: You have invited someone for an after-work period, but they never show. This also happens for cabin crew, apparently. A ‘slam clicker’ is a flight attendant who attends social gatherings while staying overnight, choosing instead to head straight to the hotel room (slam his door) and not get out (clicking the lock off).
  13. Crew juice: There are rumors that sometimes flight attendants prefer to indulge in a special drink cone. An insider claimed that it is usually put together from the material onboard a flight. The juice of the crew usually lasts overnight.

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I think this article will help you to know about 10 code word that used by flight attendant during their flights. If your dream is to become a flight attendant, please check this full article and attend the interview. I think my information will help you to get you the dream job.

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