Emirates news – A Passenger Travels Half Of The World With Husband’s Passport

In the last week there was a big mistake done by the Airport staff. Its become a big accident in the aviation industry. And it’s called Emirates News. A woman passenger traveled by Emirates, all the way from Manchester (UK) to New Delhi (India) with her husband’s passport. The lady flew 4200 miles, including a stopover in UAE. But none of the airport’s staff members has noticed that a female passenger is using a male passport.

The passenger’s name was Geeta Modha, an Indian-origin woman. Mistakenly she took her husband’s passport instead of hers. She owns a fashion boutique in Manchester and as usual, was traveling to New Delhi for a business trip.

But The mistake has been noticed neither at the check-in point nor during the boarding in the UK. Therefore, Mr. Modha was easily allowed to travel further to Dubai where she had a stopover before landing in New Delhi. And the woman is a holder of an Overseas Indian Citizenship (OIC) card, So at Dubai airport, no one asked to check her passport, therefore, the lady easily flew to New Delhi.

Emirates news – A Passenger Travels Half Of The World With Husband’s Passport

Only in the final destination woman was not allowed to enter the country. She was shocked hearing this and even more shocked then realized she has just traveled half of the world with the wrong passport and no one even noticed.

But After realizing all the faults she wanted to travel back to Dubai where her passport was flown to her from the UK. And only then Modha was allowed them to enter India. then she feels angry with the airline. She blames them and says this is fully their mistake.

She told me The fact the airline says they are so strict on security in the airports but you can do this. And At the check-in, the staff member even made me move stuff from one baggage counter to another for only 2 kg of excess weight and then let me travel with the wrong passport.

So this is not the first accident recently for the Emirates Airline. Also, there was an Emirates news that Two siblings Shannen and Sundeep were forced to spend their time sitting in the loo due to their allergy to nuts.

But we all know that Emirates is a very reputable airline and a top-ranking airline in the world. So after all the Emirates News still we are looking for the best result and recovery from the airlines. Also, provide a premium and breakless service to the passenger.

Emirates news

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