Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl, an Incredible story of a strong woman

Based on a true story, Gunjan Saxena was a movie that won many hearts.

Directed by Sharan Sharma, starring Janhvi Kapoor, Pankaj Tripathi, and Angad Bedi is streaming with Netflix.

gunjan saxena

The Plot

The story is not just about a young girl from a military background who aspires to be an Air force Pilot but also about the strength she receives from her feminist father. As bright as sunlight, we all know that it is not easy to put your foot and mark your presence in a male-dominated society like us. Especially when you are among the few first doing it. Nevertheless, some women are born to be a sun and rise higher even after facing the dark night.

Gunjan Saxena, played by Janhvi Kapoor, is a woman who broke all the stereotypes of society. She didn’t have to leave her footprints but pave her own path to reach her destination. Strong-willed, determined, intelligent, hardworking and a woman who not only made her parents proud but got the title of ‘Kargil girl’.

Her father, Anup Saxena, is played by Iconic Pankaj Tripathi, who can never limit his performance. The more we watch him face the camera, the more we get to explore him. When Gunjan decides to drop out of her college to join the Air force Academy, her brother strongly disagrees. But her father decides to support her decision of serving the Nation by joining as a combat fighter.

The movie rolls with the struggles she goes through in her journey. While some men of her life tried to bury her dreams, others helped her spread the wings and fly higher.

Sharan Sharma delivered the gender dynamics quite well with the screenplay and his directions. While most movies focus on romantic endures and relationships, this movie focuses on the father-daughter relationship. No matter what comes, the father treats his daughter and son equal.

The real Gunjan Saxena was known as the ‘Kargil girl’ and was awarded the prestigious Shaurya Veer for her impeccable contribution during the Kargil war. Small details of her training days, such as changing room, awkwardness, differences even if they were not ill-intended, are shown in the most natural way possible.

The movie won many hearts, but some had high expectations from Janhvi Kapoor, which was left unmatched. There were controversies by fellow pilots who trained with Gunjan Saxena in the same Academy, stating no such partiality or any discomfort for her was shown directly and indirectly.

Such movies make us question society’s harsh realities and encourage us to join as one and fight for the country.

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Real-life Opportunities

Candidates who are highly motivated by such heroic personalities can opt for the same career. Joining the Indian Air Force is not restricted to flying opportunities but also offers technical, Ground and non-technical options. The entry to this brave word can be achieved by cracking competitive exams. You may appear after 10, 10+2 or Graduation or even after post-graduation.

After 10th, you may apply to IAF as a cook, messenger, carpenter, stenographer, vendor, gardener etc., this role lets you be background support for the whole infrastructure. It is definitely not a small job but an undoubtedly vital one.

After 10+2, a candidate can join the National Defence Academy by passing the exam and the interview process. NDA exams are conducted by the UPSC department and could be a hard nut to crack. The NDA exam is conducted twice a year.

After Graduation, if you clear CDS (Combined Defence Services), you may join the Air Force. CDS is also conducted by UPSC twice a year.

You may also join the Indian Air Force by appearing for AFCAT. Through AFCAT, you may as well choose from a wide range of opportunities. AFCAT’s salary range varies for every position. Unlike the NDA and the CDS, a candidate may have higher chances of joining the Air Force through the AFCAT as it is considerably more manageable. The exam is conducted twice a year, and the AFCAT Result is announced almost early compared to the NDA.

Serving the Nation through Air Defence is a demanding job and a courageous and prestigious one.

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