Why Indigo is the Fastest Growing Airline in India? Check the Reason

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Are you excited to know which airline is the fastest-growing airline in India? then the answer is Indigo is the fastest-growing airline in India. Also, Indigo is a large capacity & biggest airline in India.

So, if are interested to know the reason, read the below information that will help you to understand why Indigo is the fastest-growing airline.

indigo fastest growing airline india

Fly on Time, Keep it Simple & Cover All the Destinations

Freinds we all know Indigo Airlines is the best performer airline in India. They are known for their good performance. And I think like a passenger we all like to travel on time.

IndiGo operates its aircraft on an average of 11.4 hours per day, more than any other airline in Indian. So, the time between flights is very short, and the airline does not shy away from giving business class or first class tickets. There are also no frequent flight schedules, free lounges, or free food and beverages for most travelers.

Loyal and Trustable Staff

As the airline experienced, I think their staff is the backbone of the airline. Because they can make all the impossible things possible.

So, we know Indigo staff are very knowledgeable and time-maintained staff. I think having good staff, also a strong reason to become a growing airline or company.

Buy only one aircraft model, but order in bulk

In 2005, IndiGo ordered 100 A320 aircraft from Airbus, the largest single deal at the time that a European planner had ever signed. Buying only one model of the aircraft allows IndiGo to cut costs. Pilots must be certified for only one aircraft and must go for the same mechanic and flight crew.

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Lease the planes

Airlines usually buy an aircraft, use it for 15 years, and then sell it for money on the dollar. But when IndiGo takes delivery of an aircraft from Airbus, it immediately sells the aircraft to the aircraft lessee and then withdraws the aircraft. At the end of the lease, IndiGo returns the aircraft at a reduced price.

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Put an expiration date on aircraft

Another advantage of IndiGo’s leasing strategy is that it allows the company to keep its fleet extremely young. The company’s leases typically last only three to six years before the aircraft returns. Newer aircraft are generally more fuel-efficient and require less maintenance, which cuts operating costs.

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I hope this information will help you to understand why Indigo is the fastest-growing airline in India.

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