Jet Airways Latest News | Will Jet Airways Restarting Their Operation?

Friends I hope we all are very interested to check out Jet Airways latest news because as per the news roomers and the biding process of Jet Airways. We can tell that Jet Airways will come back soon and provide the best service as usual.

As per some biggest news roomers we got a good news on Jet Airways 4th biding. Which can make you exited. Jet Airways news can make happy to their travelers and all the aviation staff family.

Because really we need some good news after a long Lock down of our career. So, this news can be a life changing opportunity for you as a aviator.

So before the start, we will first check a little bit about Jet Airways. I am sure that all of you know jet was a private carrier that operated a large number of airplanes.

Jet Airways had the Boeing 737, ATR 72, and airbus A330 total 123 airplanes. They were operating domestically as well as on a lot of international routes both nearby as well as Europe and the USA.

jet airways latest news

Jet Airways was India’s longest-running private airline and at one time it was also India’s largest airline.

When the airline shut down on the 19th of April 2019. It had 123 airplanes and had been running for over 25 years.

The reasons why the airline went down are many. But if want to check that you can find out on our youtube channel or on the website.

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I have some really really fond and really amazing memories at Jet Airways as a security officer. So as a tribute and as hope in my heart that the company might revive and start operating once again.

So, again the question arose – Will Jet Airways start operations again?

After the shutdown, there have been a lot of efforts to revive the airline by their staff, by the dependent company and the inverters. After the lots of effort and doing bidding process. There is a possibility after the 4th bidding.

So currently what is going on in the fourth round of bidding for the airline? The resolution professional who has been assigned with the task of resolving the problems of Jet Airways.

So, as of now there are 2 groups of companies showing their interest and apply for the bidding process.

  1. FSTC – FSTC is a simulator company which is based in India. it was started off by two Indian ex pilots. And now they’re doing really well. Right now they have a few simulators in India. which are leased out to airlines for their training.
  2. Imperial Capital investments are an investment company in the UAE.
  3. Mumbai-based Big Charter Pvt Ltd (BCPL)

These three together have applied and have bidden for Jet Airways and the other company is –

  1. Kalrock Capital – UK-based financial advisory firm
  2. Murari Lal Jalan – who is an individual investor and resident of Dubai.

So, friends now time to wait and watch how much time the inverters will take to startup the airline. Although there many complications, which we don’t even know.

Check full information in Hindi –

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But I think if they will star jet airways once again, they con’t face any problem for the airline goodwill and processable services.

After this 1 year of the shutdown, still people love to travel by jet airways and also we want to become a part of Jet Airways employee’s family.

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Also, it’s a good news for us. Because if this airline will start it will bring lots of vacancy for ground staff, cabin crew, pilots and many other vacancy.

So, I hope this article helps you to understand Jet Airways’ latest news on bidding. Thank you for reading this article.

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