Now Vistara Robot RADA Will Help To The Passenger At IGI Airport

Indias Full-service carrier Vistara today said it has created ‘RADA’. An Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered robot that can assist customers, address their queries and entertain them. During the testing period, ‘Vistara Robot RADA’ will be placed at Indira Gandhi International Airport T3 in New Delhi from July 5. And It will assist customers using the lounge before they board their flights.

Vistara said in a statement – “With RADA, we aim to change the way people interact and fly with an airline,” said Vistara CEO Leslie Thng.

Vistara today has announced that it has created a unique robot ‘RADA’ that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to assist customers, to address their queries and entertain them. This unique robot is aimed at offering a seamless experience in guiding customers. Vistara Robot RADA will bring a new EDGE of Indian Aviation Industry.

The company says that in its initial stage, RADA will be present at the Vistara’s Signature Lounge at the Delhi Airport’s Terminal 3 from July 5, 2018. It will help customers who are using the lounge until they board the flight. In the meantime, the RADA will be under further development in terms of functionality and features for future use cases.

Right now, it can provide information about Terminal, scan boarding passes and Departure Door, weather conditions of the destination city, information about Vistar’s products and services, as well as real-time flight status. The interesting thing is that it can congratulate customers and use them with basic hands movements to communicate with them and be able to roam in the lounge on predefined routes. Additionally, this game and other multimedia content like songs and video players can be equally engaging with children and adults.

Vistara Robot “RADA” Indias Fastest Robot to  Serve PassengerVistara Robot RADA

The ‘RADA’ is built on a chassis of four wheels, enabling it to rotate 360 degrees, and it has three inbuilt cameras for cognitive interaction. The company says it will invest in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Data Science with a core emphasis on customers while continuously improving people and quality of its workplace.

Commenting on the announcement, Leslie Thng, Vistara’s Chief Executive Officer said

Innovation is one of the core values ingrained in the DNA of Vistara’s culture. which we have fostered within the organization in many ways. And ‘Vistara Robot RADA’ is a manifestation of this endeavor. Vistara has disrupted the market through several innovations with the sole objective, of redefining air travel in the country while making its processes more robust and resources more effective. We will be developing ‘RADA’ based on customer feedback and equipping it with the most effective features in the time to come. Basically, we are focused on delighting customers across all touchpoints in the world, and we’re confident about that ‘RADA’ will help us take the ‘new feeling’ to the next level.  Thank You 

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