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Friend do you want to become a flight attendant? Then I hope this article will help you to apply for Saudi Airlines cabin crew jobs. Because Saudi Arabian Airlines is hiring flight attendants in 2023.

So, I hope the Saudi airline cabin crew can be a great opportunity for your career goals. So, if you want to apply for Saudi airlines cabin crew recruitment in 2023, you need to read this till the end.

Here in this article, you will get full information about Saudi airlines cabin crew recruitment criteria, Saudi airlines air hostess job responsibilities, how you can apply online, Saudi cabin crew salary, and benefits in detail.

About Saudi Airlines

Saudi Airlines is the national airline of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Airlines is also known as the Saudi Arabia airline. Their main base is located at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah. Presently they served 95 destinations including international destinations.

They have many subsidiary airlines like flydeal, Saudi Cargo, Saudi Ground Services, Saudi Aerospace Engineering Industry, Saudi Airline Real Estate Development, Saudi Airline Company, Saudi Aviation Company Limited, Saudi Privet Aviation Company Limited, etc.

saudi airlines cabin crew

Saudi Airlines Cabin Crew Recruitment Criteria

  • Saudi Nationals only can apply.
  • Previous experience is not required.
  • Able to reach 212 cm arm reach without shoes.
  • Minimum high school certification or any higher education of High-School degrees.
  • Weight and height proportionate as per BMI (by SAUDIA standards).
  • Sloth English of oral and written understanding; Another language is an additional benefit.
  • Physically FIT to work as a cabin attendant.
  • No tattoos or body piercings would be visible whilst wearing the
  • SAUDIA uniform, bandage, and cosmetic coverings are not permitted.
  • Required customer service-oriented skills.
  • Excellent personal; presentation, style, and image.
  • The ability and ability to solve difficulties in handling difficult situations.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • 21-30 years old applicants can apply (by Hijri calendar).

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Saudi Airlines Air Hostess Job Responsibilities

  • Provide information, guidance, and assistance to passengers onboard aircraft for safety and comfort.
  • Ensure continuous delivery of the product on the board.
  • Hello customers, check their tickets and go to their seats with them.
  • Prepare and serve passengers, drinks, and meals.
  • Present emergency equipment and give instructions.
  • Monitor and secure the cabin regularly.
  • Follow all aviation rules and regulations regarding safety and security.
  • Provide special assistance to travelers with special needs (children, disabled people, elderly people, etc.).
  • Take the initiative to address difficult issues.
  • Contribute to the delivery of the cabin crew customer experience.

How to Apply Online for Saudi Airlines Cabin Crew

Requested all the applicants to apply online please click here to redirect to the Saudi Airlines cabin crew career page and click on the login and provide all the information and then submit a full application properly.

Note – If you want to apply for Singapore airlines cabin crew jobs please check the click and full details to apply online.

Document List to Apply for Saudi Airlines Air Hostess

  • Updated CV/Resume.
  • Passport.
  • UAE residence visa.
  • Full-length picture.
  • The highest degree obtained shows the overall average/GPA.
  • Flying experience proof if applicable.
  • Any additional related documents.

Saudi Cabin Crew Salary and Benefits

During Training – monthly compensation, in addition to medical insurance and travel tickets as per SAUDIA Air Transport Company policy (For Trainee Only)

After Successful Training

The candidate is hired under the SAUDIA Air Transport Company in grade (6), and assigned to the position of “Cabin Attendant”. Benefits and compensation will be as follows:

Monthly Basic Salary of Saudi Airline Cabin Crew

  • High-School Degree: SAR 5855
  • Diploma Degree: SAR 6385
  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher: SAR 6915

Saudi Arabia Cabin crew Benefits

  • The transportation allowance is SAR 400 Monthly.
  • Housing allowance is 3 monthly basic salaries per annum.
  • Medical Insurance for Employees and Qualified Dependents (As per SAUDIA Air Transport Company policy).
  • Also, provide Productivity and travel allowance to the staff (As per SAUDIA Air Transport Company policy).
  • Travel voucher for employees and eligible dependents (As per SAUDIA Air Transport Company policy).


  1. What qualifications do you need as a flight attendant?

    To get hired as a flight attendant, you must be at least 18 years old, have a current passport, have at least 20/40 vision, and pass a drug test and background check. You might also need to pass a medical examination and meet an airline's height requirements.

  2. Does a flight attendant make good money?

    Flight attendants make an average annual wage of $62,680, according to May 2022 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  3. Is it hard to become a flight attendant?

    Yes, the process of becoming a flight attendant is challenging. There are up to 1.5 million job applications for 5,000 to 10,000 jobs hiring. It's very competitive and the training process is long, sometimes taking up to 3 to 6 months for the entire process.

  4. How long is flight attendant training?

    Airlines provide a three- to six-week training program for their flight attendants.

  5. What is the age limit to be a flight attendant?

    The Maximum age to apply for a flight attendant position for freshers/ experienced (non-cabin crew) candidates is 27 years.

Do you want to apply for Air Arabia cabin crew jobs, then here you can check the latest Air Arabia vacancy and apply online.

I think this article will help you to apply for the Saudi Airlines cabin crew position. Now just you need to apply online and get ready for your cabin crew interview.

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Nurhanan · June 30, 2020 at 9:23 AM

Asslamualaikum , amoung the covid19 situation …am I can apply in saudiarabian airlines?

    Paresh Baidya · June 30, 2020 at 9:40 AM

    yes you can apply

    nani · January 11, 2023 at 11:38 PM

    If you find something tell me please

ayesha irshad · July 2, 2020 at 2:10 PM

can non Saudi national females apply in 2020 ???

ayesha irshad · July 2, 2020 at 2:11 PM

Can NON-Saudi national females apply in 2020 ?

Juharah · October 27, 2021 at 1:34 AM

Hello! I’m a Saudi hire do they provide accommodation for saudi female residing outside city they were based in? And do they also provide accommodation while on training thanks!

    Paresh Baidya · October 27, 2021 at 5:59 AM

    Yes, they will provide the accommodation after getting job…

Asma · January 21, 2022 at 7:47 PM

Hi! When will the application for 2022 be open?

    Paresh Baidya · January 22, 2022 at 12:19 AM

    Stay connected with the website for the next update. Thank you

      malvika · March 11, 2022 at 12:44 PM

      r they highring ex cabin crew of saudi

alma · April 15, 2022 at 3:49 AM

does cabin crew from other middle east airline companies also needs to undergo training for 2 months?
thank you

    Paresh Baidya · April 16, 2022 at 10:47 AM

    Yes, the cabin crew training process is the same for all.

Maryam · June 27, 2022 at 8:08 PM

Can NON-Saudi national females apply in 2022 ?

    Paresh Baidya · June 27, 2022 at 10:27 PM

    Yes you can apply. But you need to check the job details before applying because sometimes they only hire Saudi nationals…

nani · January 11, 2023 at 11:40 PM

i want to particiate to the cabin crew please and i dont have any idea what should i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nani · January 11, 2023 at 11:41 PM

i want to particiate to the cabin crew please and i dont have any idea what should i do

ayaan · January 17, 2023 at 3:48 AM

I am a Norwegian citizen, is it possible to apply as a flight attendant with Saudi Airlines?

Zainab · February 23, 2023 at 1:19 AM

I do not have a residence visa. Can i still apply?

melani paola · March 13, 2023 at 8:43 AM

when you talk about a new vision for 2030… do you have any plans to hire women from outside the kingdom? I am very interested in working as a cabin crew member in SAUDIA but there is no opportunity
My dream is to work for SAUDI ARABIA ([email protected])

ikhlaas · March 24, 2023 at 10:53 AM

i have applied as cabin crew on saudi airlines website.i am from mauritius,does i have a chance to be employed

    Paresh Baidya · March 24, 2023 at 1:26 PM

    Please wait for a few days to get a reply from the airline HR team.

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