Singapore Airlines (SQ) will receive the 1000th Boeing 787 Dreamliner ever produced after nine years since the inception of the wide-body airliner.

The 9V-SCP made its first flight on April 3 at Boeing’s production facility in South Carolina, which is now set to halt its Boeing 787 Program until further notice. The aircraft will be the 16th Dreamliner of the carrier.

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The airline has a total fleet of 136 aircraft, 60 of which are Boeing aircraft. Regarding the Boeing 787 family, SQ has already 15 of the type and expects to add 49 Dreamliners to its operations in the next years.

The first delivery of the line occurred in March 2018, when SQ CEO Mr. Goh Choon Phong proudly said that the airplane was a magnificent piece of engineering and a work of art, and an important milestone in the airline’s growth strategy of network expansion and strengthening of its operations.


Since its creation back in 2009, the 787 Dreamliner evolved in 787-8, 787-9, and 787-10 variations, being the later predilect of SQ for its 25% savings in fuel consumption and 15% more space for customers and cargo than the prior models.

Over the last year, several airlines such as Vistara (UK), Air New Zealand (NZ), ANA (NH), Vietnam Airlines (VN), Saudi Arabian Airlines (SV), and Turkish Airlines (TK) ordered and received the Boeing 787, taking advantage of its long-haul capacity to offer more services.

In the past months, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner was extensively used for repatriation flights as the no-stops routes were more challenging in kilometers and length.

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