Top 10 Airlines in the World Announced By TripAdvisor

The travel website TripAdvisor has announced its top 10 airlines in the world. The second annual Traveler’s Choice Awards are determined by the algorithm based on quality and determine the extent of reviews of airlines worldwide. In the current year, six airlines maintain their status in six airlines from Asia, and North America, Europe, South America, and Oceania.

Also, you can check TripAdvisor website link. and now check out the Top 10 Airlines list. Also, you can check out the below list and explanation –(with all airlines official website)

  1. Singapore Airlines
  2. Air New Zealand
  3. Emirates
  4. Japan Airlines (JAL)
  5. EVA Air
  6. Southwest Airlines
  8. Qatar Airways
  9. Azul
  10. Korean Air
top 10 airlines

The number one airline in the last 12 months was Singapore Airlines. South East Asia carrier was in second place in the list of last year. The airline is famous in the air for the quality of its service in the world. Due to the success of the couple, Singapore’s Changi Airport was rated by the world’s top airport Skytrax, which helped Singapore to satisfy the travelers.

The second-rank airline Air New Zealand was the Kiwi carrier, which is world-renowned for its Inflight service, which is displayed by SkyTracks in the top 20 airlines of 2017. Ranking second place is from the fifth position in the career rankings in the three places. Known for its unique security video, the carrier also helped launch the Skychatch to improve passenger comfort in the economy class.

Emirates Airlines, the last year’s top-ranked airline, has come third in this year’s ranking. The Dubai-based carrier is known for its splendid event in the first class. It includes the offer of private suits on the major Airbus A380S Emirates also has a fresh start of the economy cabin, firstly being implemented on the Boeing 777 aircraft.

The fourth hand fifth place has been occupied by Japan Airlines and Japan Airlines based in Japan and Taiwan. Japan Airlines is above the seventh place, while Eva Air Traveler’s Choice Award is a new entry. Both were cited for their friendly and professional flight attendants, as well as their infinite dining in the form of their popularity. Both carriers focus primarily on long-distance flight from East Asia.

In the sixth and seventh places, two new people have captured the list, Southwest Airlines and Jet 2. This two airlines from North America and Europe respectively. Southwest is popular for its fun approach to flight in the United States, and offers two free checked bags to every traveler. Jet 2 is a surprising entry in this list, the airline only works outside the United Kingdom, and with the fleet of 73 aircraft, the smallest airline in the list.

top 10 airlines

The goal in this list is Qatar Airways, Azul Airways, and Korean Air. Both Azul and Korean Air kept on the list last year, respectively, at the third and sixth position. Qatar Airways has a new entry in the list. These three worlds are popular with both business and leisure travelers in their corners. Qatar and Korean Air have offered luxury offerings to travelers, while Azul offers a low-cost alternative for South American travelers.

Four airlines have dropped out of this year’s list from last year’s list. Those airlines were JetBlue Airways, Thai Smiles, Alaska Airlines, and Garuda Indonesia. Jointly, Jetblue has been injured in the United States recently, and Alaska Airlines has faced hiccups in the merger with Virgin America. However, both were honored as the top airlines in the United States for their service.

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