Turkish Airlines Pilot Jobs Or Turkish Airlines Cadet Pilot Program in Details

Is your dream to become a pilot at the Turkish Airline? Then in today’s article, I am gonna tell you details information about the Turkish Airlines cadet pilot program. If you have completed your bachelor’s degree and looking for a Turkish Airlines pilot job. Then you need to read this article till the end.

Here you will get all the information about Turkish Airlines’ pilot jobs requirement criteria, their job descriptions, and how you can apply online for the Turkish Airlines cadet pilot program. All males and females can apply for Turkish Airlines careers as a pilots.

Turkish Airlines is the flag career airline of Turkey. Turkish Airlines is the only one that flies to most countries in the World. They served a total of 340 destinations in 128 countries. The airline was founded in 1933 and its main hub is located at Istanbul airport.

Also As a part of the Turkish Airlines pilot team, you can have a prestigious career alongside many social opportunities such as discounted flights and hotels, training support, and the chance to work abroad by working at Turkish Airlines.

turkish airlines pilot jobs

Turkish Airlines Pilot Requirements Criteria

  • Turkish citizen or blue card holder,
  • Having at least a bachelor’s degree (formal or open education),
  • Born after 01.01.1992,
  • Neither shorter than 160 cm nor longer than 195 cm and compliance with body mass index (within the range of 20-30),
  • Military service completed, or committing to having military service postponed for at least 2 years as of the training start date,
  • No criminal record or criminal archive record,
  • Not having quitted jobs in Turkish Airlines Inc. or other organizations due to indiscipline previously,
  • Not having left Turkish Airlines Inc. and its affiliates due to contract termination previously.

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How to Apply for the Turkish Airlines Cadet Pilot Program

If you have checked all the details from the above and you want to apply for the Turkish Airlines cadet pilot program then first you need to click here. It will redirect you to the airline’s official website and then you need to click on the apply now button.

Then you need to create your account with the airline career page and log yourself. Then the application form will be opened. You need to fill up the application form step by step and submit it. After submitting your application airline staff will contact you for further interviews or the selection processes for Turkish Airlines pilot jobs.

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Additional Information to Apply for Turkish Airlines Cadet Pilot

  • Candidates who fulfill the above-mentioned requirements have to apply for an advertisement through the Internet. No application other than an internet application will be accepted.
  • Candidates holding language certificates will be invited for the DLR-1 examination. Candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree who do not have a language certificate will be invited to take the English test by Turkish Airlines Inc. Candidates who do not fulfill the criteria cannot continue the process.
  • Candidates can apply with an official letter from their university within 3 months of their graduation. Such candidates have to submit their diplomas after the interview phase.
  • After the complete process, the successful candidates will be offered the job and asked to prepare the employment documents, and after the candidate provides the necessary documents, their employment process will be completed.

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Selection Process for Turkish Airlines Cadet Pilot

  • English Test (shall be taken by the candidates who cannot submit a language certificate at the application stage). The candidate is invited for the test approximately 15 days after their application for the advertisement.
  • DLR-1 Test (Evaluation of Technical Competences). The candidate who completes the English process successfully is planning for the DLR-1 test to be held within approximately 2 weeks.
  • CRM Evaluation (Evaluation of Personality Traits and Competences). The candidate who completes the DLR-1 process successfully is planned for CRM evaluation to be made within approximately 2 weeks.
  • Board Interview, Document Check, and Height-Weight Measurement. The candidate who completes the CRM evaluation successfully is planned for the board interview to be made within approximately 2 weeks.
  • Health Check (Airworthiness)

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Benefits of Turkish Airlines Pilot

  • Private health insurance
  • Maternity and nursery benefits
  • Partnered hotels
  • Free and discounted flights
  • Bonus
  • Shuttle network
  • Financial aid for marriage
  • Language allowance
  • Corporate communication activities

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Friends, we hope this information will help you to apply for Turkish Airlines pilot jobs. Just you need to apply online and wait for the interview information. To date, you can prepare yourself for the interview with the help of our pilot interview question list from the top menu option.

So, if you have any more queries on this topic or related to aviation jobs or the aviation industry please feel free to contact me. Also, you can contact me on my Facebook page or YouTube channel for more information.

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