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Do you look for Vietravel Airlines cabin crew jobs? Then there is detailed information about Vietravel airlines careers for fresher in 2023. All males and females can apply for cabin crew jobs in this airline. Also, Vietravet airline is a good to start your career as a cabin crew.

Suppose you want to apply for Vietravel Airlines cabin crew jobs online. Then check the below details before applying online as a cabin crew. Below you will get the details about Vietravel airline cabin crew requirement criteria, required documents, interview rounds, and how you can apply online.

vietravet airlines cabin crew

Requirement Criteria of Vietravel Airlines Cabin Crew

  • Applicant must be a Vietnamese citizen
  • All the applicants should have cleared their graduation from high school or higher
  • English: minimum TOEIC 500 points or equivalent certificates, preferred the second language
  • Female from 18 to 28 years old; height from 160 cm to 175 cm;
  • Male from 18 to 30 years old; height from 170 cm to 185 cm
  • Candidates with work experience not exceeding 32 years old; TVT and teachers not over 35 years old; Certificate valid and flying for 06 months

Required to Record

  • Registration form for Vietravel Airlines flight attendants (applicants must complete all information on the registration form), download the form at
  • Certificate in the English language upon request, TOEIC 500 or higher or equivalent. (Credit for TOEIC scores in the following cases: test scores have not been completed or the TOEIC degree has just expired, and debt repayment points must be paid before graduation)
  • A member of the Examination Team will cross-check the candidate’s documents between the original and the copy for the TOEIC foreign language certificate or equivalent certificate and the high school diploma or the highest certificate.
  • White background picture of the individual card (size 4cmx6cm)
  • High school diploma or other higher degree.

Drees Code to Attend Vietravel Airlines Cabin Crew Interview

  1. Male candidate: Short-sleeved white shirt, dark trousers, belt, western shoes, dark socks.
  2. Female Candidate: Short-sleeved white shirt, short dark skirt (office style, 3cm-5cm in length), female without leather socks.
  3. The organizers do not accept candidates who use improper outfits such as jeans, sandals, sandals, sports shoes, or loafers.
  4. Talent round can prepare suitable costumes and props.

Also, you can check out the cabin crew interview dress code. If you are applying for  British Airways careers as a cabin crew.

How to Apply Online for Vietravel Airline

After checking all the information from the above, Freinds is eligible to apply for the Vietravel Airlines cabin crew vacancy. Then click here, it will redirect you to the airline’s official website to get the application form, which you need to fill up to apply online.

Interview Rounds

1st ROUND: Catwalk, appearance test, and interview in Vietnamese and English

2nd ROUND: Talent (02 minutes for each candidate’s presentation)

3rd ROUND: Handling situations

4th ROUND: Final (Teamwork & Council Interview)

Candidates are notified of the results immediately after each round.

Health check and background verification after the final round result.

Note – all the benefits will be provided after six months of joining. If you are looking for cabin crew jobs in United airlines, please check the link, and also you can check here for Emirates Airlines’ latest vacancy for a cargo agent.

Friends, I think now you can apply for Vietravel Airlines cabin crew jobs. But for some important thing that you remember, keep ready your document when you will go to and site to apply online.

Because it’s required you all documents like educational documents, personal documents, and experience documents.

If you have any more queries on this topic or related to aviation jobs or the aviation industry, please contact me. Also, you can contact me on my Facebook page or YouTube channel for more information.

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