World’s cheapest airlines list in 2020 – IndiGo, Air India Express among top 5 Airlines

Do you want to fly by air? But you don’t know which airlines are the best and can save your money. Here is the World’s cheapest airline list of 2020 which will help you to judge the best airline ratings, best airlines to fly, and cheapest airlines all over the World. So check out the information form below option –

During the first two months of this year, data was analyzed keeping in mind the economy class air displayed by Rome 2rio, with a total value of 1.5 million pricing points. The report compared 200 major airlines in the continents.

Who is Rome2rio – 

Rome2rio is a transport search engine that launched in April 2011 and helping millions of traveler around the World. It’s Headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. Rome2rio’s platform is capable of long-distance trip planning as well as local journey planning. A Melbourne-based multimodal travel planning site – has come out with its Global Flight Price Ranking report. This year, Indian carriers IndiGo and Air India Express have featured among the top five most affordable airlines in the world. Along with this, Rome2rio has also given some tips about booking air tickets. The full list is available at’s blog Here we list the world’s top 10 cheapest airlines as per the report.

Top 10 World’s cheapest airlines list

10 – Virgin Australia – Virgin Australia is at the tenth spot on the list. The report suggests that there’s no point being loyal to any one airline anymore. One should shop around for deals.

World's cheapest airlines
World's cheapest airlines

9 – WOW Air – Iceland’s low-cost carrier WOW Air took the ninth spot. The airline announced its entry earlier this month and it will start operating from December by offering direct flights to Reykjavik from Delhi.

8 – Qantas – Another Australian airline Qantas is placed eighth. The third-oldest airline in the world is the also largest in Australia as per fleet size. The report tips that one should consider new or charter airlines over established carriers to secure the best fares.

World's cheapest airlines

7 – Ryanair – Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair is at the seventh spot. In 2014, the airline ‘carried more international passengers last year than any other airline in the world’ – as per IATA data. The report says that Ryanair is the best value airline for travel within Europe, given its extensive route network.

World's cheapest airlines
World's cheapest airlines

6 – Etihad Airways – UAE’s second largest airline is at number six in the rankings. Middle-Eastern airlines and Asian airlines are giving a tough fight to their European counterparts, says the report. It adds that ‘travel to and around Asia is more affordable than ever’ which makes it a hot destination for this year.

5 – IndiGo Airlines – Despite its share of controversies, India’s IndiGo remains affordable for most passengers around the world and occupies the fifth spot this year.

best airlines in India

4 – Primera Air – Another airline from Iceland – Primera Air – is the fourth cheapest airline in the world. Primera Air along with WOW Air and Ryanair are the only ones giving tough competition to Middle Eastern and Asian airlines. Nevertheless, now you know which airline to pick if you’re traveling to Europe.

Top 10 World’s cheapest airlines list

World's cheapest airlines

3 – Indonesia AirAsia – The Indonesia-based airline is the third cheapest airline in the world. As per the report, for US/transatlantic travel, travelers should consider WOW Air, Norwegian Air and Virgin Atlantic for low-cost flights.

World's cheapest airlines

2 – Air India Express – India’s Air India Express is the second most affordable airline in the world. Air India Express is Air India’s subsidiary with headquarters in Kochi. It operates around 550 flights every week to 29 destinations mostly in Asia and the Middle East. The report suggests that for travel especially within Europe one should consider other modes of transport as flying can be more expensive and can take longer.

1 – AirAsia X – Malaysia-based AirAsia X takes the cake as the cheapest airline in the world. It is a sister company of AirAsia. AirAsia taking the top spot cements Asia’s hold on the crown of cheapest airlines in the world as the top three ranks belong to Asia-based airlines.

World's cheapest airlines

Air India & Jet Airways – India’s state-owned carrier Air India doesn’t make the cut in the top 10 but it gets the 13th place in the world among the most affordable airlines. Jet Airways is on the 12th spot.

News Sorce – MoneyControl

Check out the site for full list of World’s cheapest airlines.

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