The World’s Top 10 Airports Customer Review in 2024

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Hello to all my AVIATION DAMER members. Here is really important information or news which will help you to get an update about the aviation industry.

It is really important to know about Top Airports in the World. So in this article, I will give some information about The world’s top 10 Airports customer reviewsThis information was collected from the SKYTRAX official website.

This report is made on the basis of the airline’s customer reviews. This process is done for a whole year to collect perfect data from the customer or the passenger of the airlines or who is traveling throughout the Airport. So there is no consideration to skip from the way. Airports customer review is done by Skytrax itself at the airport.

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Singapore’s Changi Airport has won the first position of the world’s best airport for an incredible sixth year in a row. This is an unparalleled feat which goes to show how much time, effort and price Singapore has invested in making itself the best airport in the World. The award is issued based on customer reviews  or passenger responses, and this is the most valuable award provided by the annual, Skytrax World Airport Awards, which is called “the Oscars of the aviation industry.”

Another competitor is Seoul Incheon and Hong Kong offers a similar functioned airport experience, but Singapore Changi has more passenger or customer reviews. Changi served nearly 62.2 million passengers in 2017 with more than 373,000 landings and takeoffs, which means Changi accommodated a landing or takeoff every 85 seconds, in 2017. These flights served over 400 destinations around the world.

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The World’s Top 10 Airports Customer Review in 2024

The main thing is Changi Airport has long-listed services for their passenger or customers. Inside the terminal are more than two dozen lounges, which is more facilitated for the frequent flyers and holders of premium credit cards like the American Express Platinum have access to at all hours of the day. Also, Passengers at Changi Airport can time pass with the latest films in the airport, and it’s a free movie theater. Also, more attractive things are its rooftop swimming pool, or you can find calm in its on-site sunflower garden.

As impressive as it is today, this only scratches the surface of what Changi has in mind—not only does it want to be the most efficient, but it wants to be the world’s prettiest airport, too. 2019 will Changi Airport, a mixed Jeweled, highly unique development within the Changi complex.

So, as per my knowledge of this kind of service, the Airport Ranked no 1 and it happened for the last six years. And after each year Changi Airport makes some new services for their passenger. And I think for this service all the passenger give their best response towards the airport and making this History.

So Here is the List of the World’s Top 10 Airport Customer Reviews the Below

1. Singapore Changi Airport – Singapore

2. Incheon International Airport – Seoul, South Korea

3. Tokyo International Airport – Haneda

4. Hong Kong International Airport – Hong Kong

5. Hamad International Airport – Doha, Qatar

6. Munich Airport – Germany

7. Chubu Centrair Nagoya – Japan

8. London Heathrow Airport

9. Zurich Airport – Switzerland

10. Frankfurt Airport – Germany

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