Air Asia Cabin Crew Salary [New Pay Scale and Old Pay Scale]

Do you dream to become an AirAsia cabin crew? then this article will help you to get information about Air Asia cabin crew salary and benefits.

I hope this information will increase your attraction to AirAsia jobs. Friends lowes we trying to do what we like to do. But there is a myth that is that way or work should make our life easier and help us to fulfill our other dreams.

So, that’s why as human beings we all need more and more money, at least by which we can make our life easy.

So, I request you to read this article till the end to know about Air Asia air hostess salary and their benefits.

air asia cabin crew salary


AirAsia Berhad Malaysian is a low-cost Malaysian airline with Kuala Lumpur headquartered in Malaysia. It is one of Asia’s largest airlines in terms of the size and destination of the fleet. The AirAsia Group operates regular domestic and international flights for more than 165 destinations covering 25 countries. Its headquarters are Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Its subsidiary companies are AirAsia Thailand, Indonesia AirAsia, Philippines AirAsia, and AirAsia India. For more information, you can check out Wikipedia for Ais Asia

I hope all of them know very well that if we are joined as cabin crew then allows we will get extra. Because all the airlines will pay salary + flying hours + recently Air Asia paying some money for performance and + Incentive. So it depends on the airline and city that how much they will pay you?

Air Asia is a Malaysia based company so here I will mention salary in Malaysian currency(Malaysia Ringgit). Also, you can check it for other currency to click here.

Note – Here you can check out lates airline cabin crew jobs and also you can apply online.

Air Asia Cabin Crew Salary Details

  • Old Scheme

Basic Pay: MYR1000
Flying Per hour: MYR 20
Incentive: MYR 500 extra per month ( for example if you do not call in sick )

  • New scheme

Basic Pay: MYR 1000
Flying Per hour: MYR 10
Sector allowance: MYR 20
Incentive: MYR 10 per hour

So let’s say for example, for a particular working day you fly 4 sectors and clock 6 hours, you will get MYR80 for sector allowance, MYR60 for flying hours, and an additional MYR60 if the performance incentive is met for a total of MYR200 per day.

Air Asia Cabin Crew Benefits

  • Air Asia provides health insurance for its cabin crew
  • Job training, soft skill training facility to skill up their cabin crew.
  • Free Transport
  • Team Outings
  • International Relocation
  • Free Food
  • sales on commission from food, beverages, merchandise, and duty-free

Note – here you can search for the latest Air Asia cabin crew interview and then you can attend the interview and apply online. Also, check the AirAsia cabin crew interview process.

I hope this article will help you get a full idea about AirAsia cabin crew salary for your future job.

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  1. Hi , I have recently applied for the position of cabin crew interview which is going be held on delhi, and my concern is I do not have original school document and passport right now but i do have copies of it , so will it be worth going, will they accept it.

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