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Hello everyone here is Aviation Dreamer. Where you can get all types of jobs help related to Aviation Industry. Its may be Aviation Job Search or Aviation Interview Tips. So today i am gonna discuss on Air Canada Flight Attendant Salary and Benefits. Which will help to all who want to become a cabin crew of Air Canada or any other airline.

What does Air Canada Rouse set apart from all other airlines, it claims to be real. It is part of the company’s culture to encourage a fun and hard work at the same time in an open environment. In this company, everyone is encouraged to ask questions. Air Canada crew team is very open and friendly. The company does not pretend to be 9 to 5 jobs. They ensure that all the lines of communication are open to express expectations from each member of the crew. Travelling is even encouraged and the experiences gained from each of the crew member’s travels are shared with their customers.

Air Canada Flight Attendant Salary

When you work with Air Canada Rouge, the company understands how difficult it can be to get away from the family, and that’s why everyone is considered as a family member, where people can have fun and who Excellence can be flexible without sacrificing anything in it.

Air Canada Flight Attendant Salary

Once employed by Air Canada, you have to work 75 hours per month (minimum) with an initial salary of $ 25k + per-time and overtime pay are also included.

Air Canada Flight Attendant Benefits

You will get some benefits after starting work for the largest airline in North America. So, in the below section i have been written the benefits of Air Canada Flight Attendant.

Medical and Dental Plan – It starts 3 months after working with the company. Employees can choose between the original or the extended plan.

Dental Care – The airlines providing basic and major dental care services are included up to $1500 per year.

Visioncare – VisionCare is covered every 100 years in an eye exam, $ 150 per year and specs and lenses, contact lenses and laser eye surgery every two years at $ 250.

Travel to any Air Canada destination – After 6 months on the joining as the airline staff, flight attendants will have the opportunity to fly anywhere Air Canada and its affiliate carriers fly.

Holidays – After 1 year of employment, the flight attendant deserves 10 days of leave.

Insurance – The company also includes life, casual death and disintegration insurance, which is included in the 100% annual earnings, with at least $ 35,000 (the alternative cost is available at an additional cost for you).

Extended Health Care –This includes semi-private hospital rooms, emergency treatment outside the province, physiotherapy ($ 1000 or $ 1500 per year), caroperative, massage therapy, a natural therapy, etc. $ 750 per year or $ 1000 each two years combined services for.

Flexible work hours – Proposal schedule is possible according to seniority. Employees can work for a few days of the month and can close the other day, but their schedule should allow them to keep up with other activities.

Professional development – At the right time, the cabin team can become team leaders. Air Canada can apply for other jobs within the organization, as part of the Rouge family.

Air Canada Flight Attendant Salary and Benefits

Beauty items for the rouge crew are provided by Maybelline while the amazing hair products courtesy of Redken are supplied to stay in style.

The company has also partnered with Fluevog to make sure that each cabin crew looks their best.


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So, I think I have mentioned all the important things to become a flight attendant. and I hope you will like this article and bookmark my website for future information.

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