Become Flight Attendant – How to Start or Where to Start?

Are you dreaming to become flight attendant because you are old enough to see the plane in the sky? So, you are in the correct place. Maybe you like to travel and want to see the world without paying for airline tickets or hotels. Welcome to Aviation Dreamer. Here you will get all the solution related to your Aviation Job and Aviation Interview Tips. It’s Maybe Cabin Crew or Maybe Ground Staff. 

But you don’t know how to start? or Where should you start?. So, Please read this article carefully you will find all the answer.

The selection process is that airlines are not the easiest to recruit new crew members. Generally, only 100 out of every 1000 requests are called for interview. Work is offered to only ten people, through a series of complex assessments to establish ideal candidates. And you will be one of those ten candidates. If know what they expected from you. The interview will become more easy for you. And you can fulfill your dream to Become Flight Attendant.

I talked with many people who investigated that their luck was found without looking for and failing their specific companies. I also listened to the people who went there to ‘enter’ there and sent home after the first round of interview. They were surprised. Knowing from earlier, what to expect, be prepared for success and show your best version on that day of evaluation, you will be one of the selected candidates.

Let Start with Steps for Become Flight Attendant

You have to check out each and every points carefully to get the success and become Flight Attendant or Cabin Crew.

1. Age

To start working as a cabin crew, there should be at least 21 years (But in domestic airline its 18 to 25 years). It is the legal age in International Airlines to serve alcohol and to be independent of their parents or guardians. You will be asked to handle consumption bars on the board, as well as decide on your bank account, insurance policy, and other documents.

If you are small, you will have to wait for completing your 21st age to submit your application online. Use this moment wisely and prepare as complex as possible for the complex assessment process to become flight attendant.

2. Arm-reach (Height)

While working as a cabin crew member, you have to close the upper coaches on a larger plane and you can sometimes reach emergency equipment.

Emirate and Qatar Airways need to reach 212cm (6’11.4 ‘) for Etihad, hand reach is 210 cm (6’10.7’). Each airline requires different height It’s totally dependent on airlines.

Take a tape measure and put a mark on the wall next to the required height. Without shoes (you can put your toe if necessary), you will have to touch the mark easily. It is not allowed to jump to reach upper coach.

3. High school certificate

This minimum educational requirement has been established to ensure that candidates have the ability to pass some common knowledge and security and emergency training which must be completed after the job offer. The training is intensive.
If you still do not have your diploma, then work hard and pass those final exams. If you have left the school, contact your final high school and request the necessary certificates to get your certificate. Keeping a minimum education is very important.

4. No visible tattoos

No tattoos should be seen wearing uniforms. It is not acceptable to have a bar or hanger on it.
Stay away from the ink on your feet and neck area along with your hands and arms. Female uniforms usually have a short sleeve blouse and a skirt, while men have long sleeves shirts and long pants.

If you have tattoos and are considering removing the laser, then do not participate in an interview if it still appears. You will be automatically disqualified despite your ability. Be patient and work on skills that can be polished until the tattoo removal process is completed.

5. Medically fit

This work is associated with glamor, and for many people, being a steward means that it looks great all the time and offers tea or coffee on the plane. The truth is far away from him. You have to work with long pressures (day or night), high heels, with various pressures in the cabin and sometimes with lifting heavy items, while still feeling great.
Apart from this, being in contact with many people, you should be free from infectious diseases like TB, Hepatitis or HIV.

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat balanced food, practice regularly and participate in your medical check-up, then you can pass this step. After your successful interview, a medical authority should be provided. Once you join the airline, you will have to pass a specific aeronautics medical examination performed in the airline clinic.

6. Fluent in English

English is the most widely used official language of English, which is the official language of aviation that is widely used and used for all orders and training related to emergency situations. There is also the language to communicate with colleagues and travelers.

If English is not your first language, then you should ensure that you can read, understand, speak and write correctly in English. If you want to check your levels, then you can try it online here. Deviation and all emergency related orders and training are used. There is also the language to communicate with colleagues and travelers.

If English is not your first language, then you have to make sure that you can read, understand, speak and write correctly in English. If you want to check your level, then you can test it online here.

7. Customer service experience

This is the minimum requirement of the emirate. For the position of the cabin crew, applicants should have at least one year experience in customer service or hospitality industry. Regardless of the airline, you want to request that the customer service experience is always seen as a benefit.

If you meet these minimum requirements, then you can follow the steps to follow online to apply, go to the airline careers page and apply online.

Apply online or go to the open day

If there are open days in your country or in a place where you can travel yourself, prepare your documents and start an interview. Incidents are only invitation evaluation, then you have to request online first. If your profile is pre-selected, you will receive an invitation with the details.
Apply online for Emirates Airlines
Apply online for Etihad Airways
Apply online for Qatar Airways

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