Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew Salary & Benefits 2024 – updated

Hello every one, here you will get full details about Emirates Airline’s cabin crew salary and benefits. So, if you want to become a cabin crew in an Emirates Airline, this article will help you to get information about their flight attendant salary. As we all know that as Emirates flight attendants we can get earn near about 9,500 AED or 2587 USD (tax-free salary). Also,

  • Provide free accommodation, utility bills, and transportation.
  • Also, provide a housing allowance for non-accommodated cabin crew.
  • EK cabin crew will get 30 days of holiday and get a free air ticket to travel personally.

So, friends, to work with the Fly Emirates will be a great opportunity for you. Besides your work emirate airline also a nice employ-oriented company. So, today here I am just writing about the Emirates airlines cabin crew salary and benefits. So, I request to you please read this article till the end.

emirates airlines cabin crew salary

Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew Salary in Details

Your salary consists of three parts, which have a stop/night scale subsidy on your basic pay, flight hourly, and overnight. Most airlines (for example, Singapore, and Malaysian Airlines) pay overseas assignments in their local currency and deposit it into their bank account. You have to convert foreign currency into a night’s stop. EK (Emirate) will pay you in cash in the local currency of that particular country. Therefore, your monthly salary is different depending on how many hours it is flying that month and how long it stops. Some countries have better allocation and some less. For example, if I remember correctly, then the Paris-like station will pay you about 90 euros per night. Anyway, your basic payment and hourly flyer (free of taxes) are:

USD1 = 3.67AED (May change)                                   Basic                     Flying Pay

Grade CC.06 : ( Pursur )                                            –  6,000 AED              102  AED
Grade CC.05: ( Senior steward/stewardess )        –  5,770 AED              94.75  AED
Grade CC.04: ( first-class )                                       –  4,620 AED              74  AED
Grade CC.03: ( business )                                         –  4,620 AED              67.5  AED
Grade CC.02 : ( economy )                                       –  4,220  AED             58.25  AED

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When you join, you start as Grade 2 in the Economic Class section. As soon as you fly and get more experience, you will be promoted to the list of previous ratings. The promotion is usually faster because one is getting many new aircraft every month in the next few years. The fastest I’m 5 years old to promote Grade 2 for Pursur I think it is a Pursur or IFS in SIA, it needs to fly 15 years or more. If you want to take your career to a higher level, then you can apply as a Senior Flight Purser, Cabin Crew Instructor, or Cabin Crew Manager. Click here to check more about the salary and benefits.

Emirates Cabin Crew Overnight Allowance

To pay for food and drink. Paid in local currency when the crew arrived at the hotel. The amount paid is dependent on the length of stay, cost of living at the destination, etc., which you do not spend, you get to keep.

Salary is tax-free in UAE, but depending on your nationality, you can be expected to pay tax in your country. You should check with the respective tax authorities in your country.

Contract Agreement for Emirates Crew Members

  • The new cabin crew is required to sign a three-year contract (36 months) with Emirates. The first 6 months will be a probationary period, where you will have limited rights and benefits.
  • During its first 12 months, Emirates will charge 334 AED from your salary every month. If you do not fulfill the three-year contract, you will have to pay back any debt.
  • If you complete your contract, Emirates will pay a Contract Completion Bonus of 6,000 AED.

Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew Benefits

You will be provided with free accommodation, utility bills, and transportation. For SFS and above, there is an apartment for you, in general. For the general crew, it is to share two to three apartments per apartment. If you choose to stay out of the accommodation provided by the company, you will be given a housing allowance. The last housing subsidy for 2008 is 72000 DHS PA for Pursur, 68000 DS for SFS, and 42700 DH for the general crew.

Accommodation and Transport Benefits of Emirates

  • The airline will assign accommodation before you arrive in Dubai. Apartment blocks can be found across Dubai. Once you’ve completed your probationary period you can bid to move to a different apartment.
  • The new cabin crew is expected to live in company-provided, shared accommodation. The apartments are fully furnished and utility bills are paid by Emirates (however, you will have to pay for TV, phone, and internet services).
  • Emirates will provide a free shuttle bus between your accommodation and the airport. If you live outside the accommodation you get a monthly transport allowance.
  • If you’re married you can choose not to live in shared accommodation. Instead, you’ll receive a monthly accommodation allowance.

Other Benefits of Emirate Flight Attendants

  • Your uniform is fully paid for by the company. Dry cleaning and laundering are provided free of charge.
  • You can purchase an unlimited number of tickets with a 90% discount (on standby). Discount is also provided for the Tatkal family (limited to 2 tickets per person per year).
  • On the Emirates route network, you get a free return ticket from anywhere. This allows you to visit your country.
  • Emirates provides 4 or 5-star hotels for layovers. These are generally situated in the city center or close to the airport. Your time is your own and you do not have to share a room with anyone else.
  • Flight Attendants Club of Emirates: Offers special discounts in Dubai and the Bay Area. You can get money at beach clubs, restaurants, gyms, and retail outlets.
  • Also, nominate up to 20 friends/family for a special ticket with a reduced discount.
  • You can upgrade the discounts and get access to a wider range of deals by paying a small monthly fee.

Benefit After Service

Instead of a pension, you will receive what is called the ‘end’ of service benefits. It is paid as a lump sum when you leave the company. For the first 5 years of service, this is equivalent to 21 days’ final basic salary (per year). The amount increases for service for 5 years.

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I think this article will help you to know details about the Emirates Airlines cabin crew salary. If you need help with your cabin crew interview please check out our article on the airline’s cabin crew interview tips and tricks.

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