Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew Salary & Benefits 2018 – updated

Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew Salary & Benefits 2018 – updatedEmirates Airlines cabin crew salary

Hello, Freinds to work with Fly Emirates it will be a great opportunity for you. Yes beside your work Emirates also is a nice employ oriented company. So, today here I am just writing about the Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew Salary and benefits. And I am sure that allows you are guys are searching for it.

In fact, your salary consists of three parts, which have a stop/night scale subsidy on your basic pay, flight hourly and overnight. Most airlines (for example, Singapore, and Malaysian Airlines) pay overseas assignments in their local currency and deposit it into their bank account. You have to convert foreign currency into a night’s stop. EK (Emirate) will pay you in cash in the local currency of that particular country. Therefore, your monthly salary is different and depending on how many hours it is flying on that month and how long it stops. Some countries have better allocation and some less. For example, if I can remember correctly, then Paris-like station will pay you about 90 euros per night. Anyway, your basic payment and hourly flyer (free of taxes) are:

USD1 = 3.67Dhs                                            Basic                     Flying Pay

Grade CC.06 : ( Pursur )                                –  6,000Dhs               102Dhs
Grade CC.05: ( Senior steward/stewardess ) –  5,770Dhs               94.75Dhs
Grade CC.04: ( first class )                            –  4,620Dhs                74Dhs
Grade CC.03: ( business )                              –  4,620Dhs               67.5Dhs
Grade CC.02 : ( economy )                            –  4,220Dhs               58.25Dhs

When you join, you start as Grade 2 in the Economic Class section. As soon as you fly and get more experience, you will be promoted to the list of previous ratings. The promotion is usually faster because one is getting many new aircraft every month in the next few years. The fastest I’m 5 years old to promote Grade 2 for Pursur I think it is a Pursur or IFS in SIA, it needs to fly 15 years or more. If you want to take your career to a higher level, then you can apply as Senior Flight Pursur, Cabin Crew Instructor or Cabin Crew Manager.

Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew Salary & Benefits 2018

You will be provided with free accommodation, utility bills, and transportation. For SFS and above, there is an apartment for you, in general. For the general crew, it is to share two to three apartments per apartment. If you choose to stay out of the accommodation provided by the company, you will be given a housing allowance. The last housing subsidy for 2008 is 72000 DHS PA for Pursur, 68000 DS for SFS and 42700 DH for the general crew.

Benefit wise, you will enjoy the usual perks as an airline crew such as staff and family concessional travel, 30 days of annual leave, medical coverage and comprehensive Insurance Scheme. If you want to know more details of Emirates airlines cabin crew salary and benefits please click here.

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