Etihad Cabin Crew Salary And Benefits for Freshers [2024 Updates]

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Hello everyone are you looking for Etihad Airways cabin crew jobs? then this article is also important for you to know the Etihad cabin crew salary and benefits. So, here you will get Etihad Airways salary information and also, benefits and work roster details. Etihad flight attendant salary is the most attractive for these jobs. So, please check out the full details below.

Etihad is the United Arab Emirates national airline. Just like Qatar Airways and Emirates, Etihad takes care of many things for you. However, Etihad is not as big as the emirate and has existed since 2024. You will be provided a shared apartment in Abu Dhabi and you will be taken back to your apartment from the airport.

However, you should not forget that it can interfere with the feelings of your freedom; whatever you like, which you like, invite whenever you want; As your employer can easily check on you. You have to work hard, but it will give you many wonderful places to see, what the world has to offer. Your colleagues come from all over the world and the corporate language is English.

All the Etihad crew, the ambassador of Abu Dhabi to their house, and the United Arab Emirates have represented us, flying across the globe in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia, and taking care of traditional guests. Are there? Arabic summer and honor in the state fleet of new aircraft.

etihad cabin crew salary

Etihad Cabin Crew Salary Details

Etihad Airways’ salary information is below. I think it will help all the fresh candidate who wants to become cabin crew. So, I request to all please check this article till the end.

  • You will get a basic salary after a probation of AED 3640 and hourly pay is AED 44 which are most attractive in these airlines.
  • Layover allowance (paid per hour whilst off duty on the ground)
  • Middle East / GCC / Subcontinent – AED 10 per hour, daily rate AED 240 per day
  • Asia / Far East – AED 12 per hour, daily rate AED 288 per day
  • Africa / Australia – AED 14 per hour, daily rate AED 336 per day
  • Europe / America – AED 16 per hour, daily rate AED 384 per day

Etihad Salary in the Training Period

  • 6-7 Weeks of training.
  • You will receive your basic salary of 2500 Dirham ($681) from your first day in Abu Dhabi

Including information

  • Furnished apartment shared by Etihad shared.
  • Transport to the airport before and after work.

Excluding information

  • When you are living in a foreign country, then you are paid per hour (mostly 2 to 16 dirhams ($3 to  $6) per hour). This allowance comes with your salary (with one month’s delay).

The roster of Etihad Airways cabin crew

You fly all over the world and work on both long and short flights. After returning to Abu Dhabi, your roster is put together after giving you minimal comfort. After that, you can fly again. You will fly approximately 70-100 (mostly 70-80) hours per month. Below, you will find an example roster.

cabin crew roster

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Etihad Cabin Crew Benefits

Below are some important benefits that provide to their cabin crew along with the Etihad cabin crew salary. So, my request is to please check out the below information to know the details of Etihad Airways’ salary and benefits.

  • You will get a tax-free salary that is competitive within the industry and reviewed regularly.
  • Free accommodation in a modern shared fully-furnished apartment, with your private facilities.
  • Everything is provided to ensure that you have a safe, safe, and comfortable home in Abu Dhabi.
  • You will get airline transport to take you from your accommodation to the airport for your flight duties and then to bring you back home again after your flight.
  • Enter the special status of the Etihad swimming pool, health club, and fitness centers at no cost, and you can reduce your massage rates, beauty treatments, and hairdressing to look their best.
  • Leading airline travel benefits include unlimited personal travel at special rates, an annual leave ticket, and generous concessions for family and friends to use.
  • You will get free private medical insurance and accident insurance or life insurance.
  • Annual leave of 30 days.
  • Genuine advantages for career progression in a fast-paced dynamic working environment.
  • Special discounts on restaurants, shops, hotels, and leisure facilities in the United Arab Emirates and the region.

So, I think this article will help you to get information about Etihad cabin crew salary, benefits, and work roster details. If you want to apply for the Etihad Airways cabin crew online please check the details in the link.

If you have any queries please comment below or you can contact me on my Facebook page and YouTube channel for more information.

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