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So in today’s article, I am gonna write on the topic of FireFly Cabin Crew Interview Process Step by Step. Which will help you to get a job in Firefly Airlines as a cabin crew or flight attendant? So, requested to you please read this article till the end.

My interview with the firefighting interview was from June 13 last year. ‘Frankly, I was not really eager for this airline compared to Airline AA and MAS. Therefore, I did not really prepare myself to participate in the interview.

firefly cabin crew interview

Interview Process Although FireFly Cabin Crew interview is very simple. Again, I was just rested and the chill was made to put on makeup and my mood was good because I took the day as a normal working day. Interview conducted at Hotel Berjaya Times Square and I felt that this interview will not be crowded or many people coming to the interview

Oh ok, I was so wrong! The crowd was beyond my imagination and everyone was busy filling out the registration form. I saw that the candidates were mostly Malaysians and Indians. Surprisingly, there were pre-crew from other airlines coming for an interview.

Okay, let’s go ahead with the interview steps. As I mentioned early, the Firefly Cabin Crew interview was very simple. These were only 2 steps for the entire interview. As always, the first step was Cat-Walking, Introduction, and Q & A session.

For this phase, 5 candidates have been called into a room. I remember three interviewers in the room for this step and they looked very serious. First of all, we need to have a catwalk in front of the interviewer. Do not assume this is a simple step and just complete it. As the interviewers were observing the expression of our asanas and faces.
You have to show your friendly and warm smile to them and not forget to show them that you are ready to be a flight attendant. Remember the first expression is very important! You have to catch their eyes on you, let them feel that you are the one they looking for.

After the cat’s move, we need to introduce a simple introduction about ourselves. I always use the simplest way to introduce:

WHO am I?

WHAT am I doing now?

WHY did I come for the interview?

HOW do I approach my dream of getting closer? (What’s my preparation) and
WHERE am I after 5 years?

Believe me, this is the easiest way to present yourself and the message given to the people is very straightforward. After the phase was completed, the interviewers asked us to wait outside the room for this result to say that we manage to come to the next stage. It is very quick to get results, within just 10 minutes.

The second phase was similar to the first phase, 5 candidates were called in the room, but this time there were 4 interviewers. They are fun and sociable, which makes you feel more chit-chat with friends and less stressed. Did we talk about why we dream of becoming a flight attendant? Why do we choose FireFly instead of other airlines?

After chit-chatting, an announcement is requested to be read using the microphone, one thing that needs to be kept in your mind – read it confidently. When you receive the declaration, you can allow yourself to pass through the message before reading aloud. This is to help you stick to any wrong pronunciation or words.

For this step, you will take some time because the interviewer will ask you to take a small piece of paper from a small basket. In the paper, you can get the subject that you are going to present to everyone. I remember that my theme was ‘Penang’. When I raised the topic, I am very happy and excited because I have traveled to Penang for almost twice a year.FireFly cabin crew interview

Therefore, I am quite familiar with Penang. I share legacy tourism destinations, some local food, and culture. I believe the interviewers were buying my presentation. After all the presentations we meant that we were completing the interview and the interviewers asked us to wait for the call within 2-3 weeks.

Remember to walk for the peeps, interviewers and thank them for leaving the room before, it will be a bonus point for you. I realized that some candidates went away from the room, it is very rude!

No matter where you are, just put your sweet smile on your beautiful face and greet everyone, even if a security guard stands on one side, take the initiative to talk to people. These are the basic requirements of all flight attendants, so just show them the best of you! Who are you and never apologize for that! Congratulations

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