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Hello all, Do you want to work in Emirates or Qatar airlines as a cabin crew or a flight attendant? I know you dreamed about that. So keep reading to know each and every benefits that provide by a Middle East airlines like Emirates, Qatar or Etihad.

So here I will be showing some cash or it may be some non-cash benefits. Whatever I will mention it may be subjected to change any time by the airline company.

Cabin Crew and Flight attendant Salary  & benefits –

So check out the below points to make it understandable –

Flight Attendant

  1. TAX-FREE BASIC SALARY –As all, we know the Middle East countries are tax-free countries. So they will not deduct a single of money from your salary. Salary is also reviewed on a yearly basis but make sure it depends on the performance and decide by the company.
  2. FLYING PAY – Every month your salary will include some of your flying hours. This will include your basic salary without any deduction. Flying pay also increases depending on your experience.
  3. LAYOVER ALLOWANCE – It depends on the airlines. Upon reaching the layover destination, the company will be provided some allowance and that will be calculated by the local currency of the destination. But it will be more than enough to cover your meal during the stay.
  4. FREE ACCOMMODATION –After getting the job company will provide you with a separate bedroom in a 2 or 3-bedroom flat. And the flat will be fully furnished with all facilities.
  5. FREE TRANSPORTATION – A cab or bus will be scheduled to pick you up and drop you off at the airport.
  6. FREE UNIFORM LAUNDRY – A laundry station is available for all staff to neatly washed and ironed the uniform. But it depends on the airline that the service rules and regulations.
  7. DISCOUNT ON FLIGHT TICKETS – Huge discounts on tickets are provided to the staff when they wanted to fly. It’s including their partner airlines. The discount is available worldwide.
  8. ANNUAL LEAVE – Basically 30 days of annual leave is granted. But it’s maybe change depending on the airline’s company.
  9. MEDICAL BENEFITS – All the airlines provide medical and dental services to their staff. Provided insurance by the company. Staff can avail of the medical service from other countries.
  10. GRATUITY – If you are joined any Middle Eastern airline. Then as per the UAE low. You will be getting a benefit which will be calculated on the years of work with the company.

Flight Attendant 10 Best Work Benefits or Advantages

So basically, these are the benefits provided by the Middle East airlines. Sometimes it can be increased or decreased totally depending on the company that what are the benefits they are provided to their staff. But honestly, I can tell you that if you will join any of this company you will be enjoyed to work with the company.

Flight Attendant

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