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Hello everyone here is Aviation Dreamer to help you to search for aviation jobs for freshers and aviation interview tips. Friends today I will share my personal experience attending a Singapore Airlines flight attendant interview. So, today I will discuss the Flight Attendant Interview process steps in Singapore Airlines.

flight attendant interview

So, to all applications for the SIA Flight attendant interview, I am a male candidate who wishes to share his recent experience in the unwanted recruitment of Singapore Airlines’s cabin crew held at Renaissance Hotel in Kuala Lumpur in January 2024. Also, I had previously participated in an earlier version held at the Jane Hotel in Penang on January 7, 2018, but I did not succeed in the last round of interviews.

This article will be a joint account of my experience in recruitment programs. I hope the detailed information given here will help future candidates to be more prepared and to understand and expect the complex process of SIA interviews. And what the interviewer needs from you.

The entire interview is made up of approximately 5 rounds in 2 days. Each round there is a separate panel of judges who will finish and advance the people to the next round as per their performance. Passing a round of interviews does not guarantee that the next or next will pass after the next. Therefore, it is very common for people to say that all the stars should be aligned in the SIA interview so that they can not “end” till the end and finally survive to fill out the employment form.

 DAY – 1

Arrival, Document Check, and Queuing for Number

As the hostess has been declared in all recent vacancies, candidates can enter 9A at any time. Mand 2 p. M. However, no one will notice that there are already people who will be in line at 7 AM. Generally, the first birds will be processed first and before noon can go through round 1 of the interview when other people continue the line. Then, if you are pressed for time, try coming soon.

On the other hand, I did not want to come very quickly or for too long, so I came at 10:30 in the morning. When I used to enter the lobby, many people were already in line to get a number. Recruitment in Kuala Lumpur was so tremendous that the line was not direct. He spread around the hall and got torn apart. Even those who were in discussion with their friends were rejected. These people have already passed through round 1 and have ended.

While in the queue, there will be representatives of the airline floor who will come to check their applications and documents. Be sure to complete each field according to the instructions, and enter “NA” for things that do not apply to you, such as the National Services section for non-Singapore. If you are applying with your SPM score, make sure to have a minimum of 5 credits including a B in English. Some people were sent home because their English did not meet the minimum B criteria. Though the website is not explicitly mentioned, some photos are included with the size of the passport.

Your waiting time in any non-scheduled recruitment depends on the amount of time spent on a large scale. For one of the Kuala Lumpur, I remained in the lunatic line of the lobby for 2 hours. I started at around 10.30, but they gave me a number at 12.30 only. M. When my turn came When I went to the processing table, my number was already good at 800 and there were about 200 people in the queue behind me. After getting my number, they asked us to go for lunch and return at 2 PM.

Criteria for SIA’s Round 1 Flight Attendant Interview Process

When it was my turn to turn on my forms at the desk, I did not believe that when I mistakenly saw the marked sheet used by the airline to judge the candidates of Round 1 on the table. They were trimming it from my application. Round 1 is generally known as the stage of death because most people do not often live in this phase. I have met many disappointing candidates who have tried many times for this interview, without knowing the reasons why, or why, they were decided to end in round 1. If we do not know what the objective is, how can we succeed or win the war? So here it is.

  1. Accent
  2. Complexion / Blemish/Marks
  3. Pleasant Looks
  4. Body Proportion / Frame
  5. Posture

Pronunciation or solidarity refers to the way a person speaks. Then, when you talk, make sure your sentences are clear, pleasant, and continuous flow. American accent or British, or accent that should be overseas abroad, is very local at the point of listening to Malayalam, Chinese, or ethnic groups. Keep them neutral.

Cutis or blemish probably refers to your facial skin. Make sure you show good skin without acne or visible defects. For a nice appearance, I have the feeling that they are looking for warmth, accessibility, and also if they are seen as part of a cabin crew.

Body ratio or frame is something we have no control over because it comes under genetics. However, we can do something about our situation. So always make sure to walk along with your head and straighten your back. A person’s posture or position may change the energy that is in the room.

I realize that one candidate has to score in each of the previous assessment categories to avoid abolition and advance to the next round. The search of the score sheet also impressed me that what you say or the answer to the round-1 interviewer does not take the same weight as the previous criteria.


Introduction & Random Question

After lunch at 2 noon, I returned to the hotel and the wait continued. I queued up at 10.30 am this morning, but they called me at 4.30 pm in the interview room for round 1. So, overall, if I leave lunch, I have to wait about 4.5 hours.

In preparation of round 1, you will be assigned to groups of 10 according to your number. Therefore, for example, candidate numbers 700-709 will be in one group, 710-719 will be in the second group, etc. The secret of waiting can be the loss of nerves when you are going to the other groups in front of you. My group and I joke that it is starting to feel like a cattle slaughter where we are waiting for our death as a whole, to fulfill our death.

Once your group is called, enter a room with 2 judges and 10 empty chairs, of which you will sit according to the number sequence. Recalling the notation sheet for round 1, I made sure to walk high with good posture, and my back straightened. I have a strong feeling that the moment you enter the room, the judge is already seeing you and looking at all your movements.

How to Apply for Cabin Crew Jobs Online | Full details with the link

After this, the judge tells you to present yourself and answer a random question. The question my group received was “Mention the bad thing you have heard about Singapore Airlines”. This is a common issue for your flight attendant interview with Singapore Airlines.

The whole room froze and everyone was speechless. The question was difficult and unexpected. How do you tell a potential employer directly how bad your airline is? When he stood up and struggled to speak, at first it was difficult. Everyone was amazed at that question, but we who were sitting in the middle still had time to think.

One girl went into complete babbling mode about how she didn’t hear anything bad about Singapore Airlines but proceeded to trash Malaysia Airlines for a good few minutes which was out of topic. That was painful for everybody to watch.

I replied that Singapore Airlines is a very popular premium airline among travelers and on some routes, economic class flights can’t be ended or available when we want to book and fly with them. Therefore, it is a matter of the inability to maintain demand. Other candidates commented that the airfare is very expensive, which is very logical, and another girl mentioned that if SIA has been selected, then Singaporeans do not organize or provide their nurse.

In fact,t the questions asked for round 1 are not the correct answer. Therefore, keeping in mind all of the above-mentioned marking criteria, naturally, answer as best as possible. Also most of the time they are asking some other questions like:

  1. What was a recent favorite movie you have watched, and what is the lesson you took away from it that made it your choice?
  2. What is your favorite number and why?
  3. What is your favorite color and why?
  4. If you were given a free ticket, where in the world would you go and why?
  5. Tell us about a favorite drink of yours.
  6. Do you prefer black or white?

And Now Interview Tips for Flight Attendant Interview Round 1

  1. Try to keep your speech briefly and briefly in less than 1 minute. Give yourself 10-20 seconds to present yourself and maybe 30 seconds to answer the random question.
  2. Do not talk too much or show too much confidence, as the SIA believes that it has gone out. When you talk, make sure your voice is clear and you feel humble.
  3. Stand tall too with good posture and look confident when you are answering a question.
  4. When you speak, make sure to have constant contact with the interviewers and smile and keep with your colleagues in the room. I think it can be important, although 100% is not fixed.

When your group ends, everyone will be asked to wait outside to get results. After about 5 minutes, only 3 people passed the exam in 10 groups. It was me and two other girls. There is no fixed fee because I have seen examples where the whole group was given a green light to go to the next round, and a whole group was sent home. SIA is looking for quality candidates.


Height and Weight Check – Day 1

Immediately after the success of Round 1, men and women will be asked to stand on the machine measuring the height so that they can meet the minimum height requirement. To reach the upper coaches of the cabin, men should have at least 1.68 meters and girls, 1.58 meters. To ensure that your BMI is acceptable, they will also measure your weight.

One of the girls in my group who was eager to pass goal 1 was asked to go home because the boy took the height as it was 1.57 meters and was not suitable. It was very sad. So, now your height and weight round will be completed.


The day of the interview is usually reserved for successful candidates who have passed round 3 and have returned to complete rounds 4 and 5. However, a large number of people should be processed, so our round 3 interview was postponed to Sunday. At about 6 PM Saturday, each of us received a letter from the paper signed by the recruitment manager and we were asked to come back at 9 in the morning the next day. The piece of paper describes documents and photocopies that you should be bringing (if you succeed). There is also a document to prove that he has passed the last round successfully and is now invited to return on the second day.


Debate In Group

Round 3 is often called the “round of debate” because it was created by many previous trials. As a returning candidate, he attended 9 o’clock. And immediately they gave me a new group. For this period, it will be a group of 6 people. Then, the wait was long and the nerve dispersed. However, it is a good time to meet with members of your group and share talks, socialization, and advice. There was a special girl in my group who felt that I was a bit far from her social skills. I remember clearly asking me if I was going to survive this round.

Finally, 6 of us were called into a room with 2 judges and 6 vacant seats. Then it was announced that there would be 2 parties for this interview. In the first part, 6 of us are involved in dividing the partners, and it will take about 2 minutes to discuss each association and get more information about the other. At the end of 2 minutes, we should say our name and age and move forward to present our partner in the entire room.

Keeping in mind that when people do not like SIA for a very long time, I made sure to keep my friends brief and briefly present them. It is also easy to remember things like hobbies, what is good, why do they want to become cabin crew, etc.. So keep it simple.

During this period the atmosphere was less stressful because everyone laughed, smiled, and had more human touch in their contact. But unfortunately, I did not know what the marking norms were for this black-and-white round. I think the interviewer wants to know how well he treats the passengers or how fast or efficient it is for someone else to fulfill his personal story.

After Part 1, Part 2 comes here. We were divided into 2 groups of 3 and we were given a theme or statement to agree or disagree. Unfortunately, you have no other choice with the side you have to be in. Then they will give you about 2 minutes to talk about certain points with your other 2 teammates that you want to say. The topic he gave was: “Money can buy your happiness”.

He belonged to the team that had the task of agreeing with the statement. So my colleagues told me how money can help you to buy a plane ticket to travel to incredible places to repair a broken heart, how you can use the money to make a purchase, and if you live on your own For foreigners to buy tickets to see the family, for me, I told you with the method of accepting that money can make you happy, because there is no happiness in poverty.

My team performed well because we were all very elegant and courteous when we told our points without disagreement or directions of any kind of dispute to the disagreeing group. This passive approach is a big key for Singapore Airlines interviews.

When the girl thought that her social skills had become distracted and expressed her attitude towards the opposition team, her ego came in full force. He became very contradictory, defensive, and aggressive in his own voice. He also addressed his long and straight disagreement with his partner, which I thought was not very good. It was obvious that he did not show emotional maturity in a competitive environment and I thought he would not be able to cross this round.

After Part 2, they asked us to go out and wait for the results. Outside, the girl who had a dispute became very calm and got away from herself. True, he did not achieve it, and only 2 out of 6 people were given the green light to go to the next round. I was one of them, unlike the 19-year team with another good girl.

Other debate topics I’ve surveyed for Round 3 from other groups include

  1. Beautiful people make more money.
  2. Should men be the head of the household / Should men be the dominant decision maker?
  3. Should married couples live with their parents?
  4. Should senior citizens be sent to live in the old folks’ homes?

Now Interview Tips for Round 3

  • This is not a “real academic debate,” but rather an informal conversation. So just get up, and express your point in an elegant, courteous, and mature way. Do not count it as a competition for the domain and do not directly address the “opponent”.Even if you don’t believe in the statement and are chosen to agree when you disagree, you will have to find points and do your best.
  • Do not talk too much and do not have much confidence. Restrict what you have to say for less than a minute. Make it brief, clear, and straight to the point.
  • Always smile with warmth and spread the contact between your colleagues and the interviewer, to maintain constant eye contact.


Management Round

Round 4 is called the Management Round. This personal interview is one which I find hard to accept, but this is also the most exciting because you have come down from the road. So, now a part of you is accustomed to knowing if you are qualified enough to win the next level.

As soon as we sit and wait for our turn, we chat with each other for the final interview with other candidates. We all are very kind, encouraging, and really happy to be happy with each other, which makes the environment so positive. We also asked those candidates who had left the room, what questions with whom they had spoken, what was the main topic of discussion, and how the relationship with the interview was.

The questions of interviews differ from one candidate to another when they look at their work and their academic record. Many of my other candidates were asked to talk only about their families, their mothers, etc.
Then my turn came and I was called into the room. There was an empty chair in front of two interviewers, from which I took the seat. I did not know who was the interviewer, but I immediately recognized the person as the current Senior Vice President of Singapore Airlines Mr. Tan P. Tech.

Before settling down, I was motivated to contact them and woo my hands, but I thought I could be so impressive or confident, so I kept back. From the moment I was sitting in the seat, I kept close eye contact with the interviewer smiling.

The interviewers asked me questions that what is the relationship between the cabin crew member and my design degree, what interests me, how I feel that I will be happy with a cabin crew, and I’m the winner, I gave examples of getting us What is your business goal when you join in some, SIA cockpit team?

That is why I replied by saying that we live in the present millennium, and people often end up in jobs that are not related to their title and it is very common. I am interested in that people are always eager to know more about people and their stories, and I generally like to talk to people.

There is no guarantee that the job on the cabin crew will make you happy because true happiness is something that comes from within. One very good example of this is when you do something for someone other than yourself, or when you have served someone or helped in a way that feels empowered.

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