Group Discussion Tips for Fresher in Airline Interview – 2024 Update

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Friends in this article will get airline interview group discussion tips. Which will help you to get selected for your cabin crew interview or ground staff interview?

The reason I am writing on this topic is that, when I first did an airline interview in my life, I was selected in the 1st round but I rejoined the group discussion round.

And the same rejection happened on the first-second third interview of my life and then I studied more about it. I learned more about this than I did some time in the group discussion round

What the Interviewer Checked on a Group Discussion Round?

Group discussions are a regular round-up of panelists. This is nothing but a tool used by agencies to effectively measure candidates’ communication skills and their presence of mind.

As you know, the GD or Group Dissection Round is the most feared elimination round for the Freshers in the entire recruiting process. But In reality, it doesn’t feel as strong as it should.

So, friends, I will request you to follow these strategies to get more positivity into your group discussion rounds.

group discussion tips

We Will Discuss The Following Group Discussion Tips

  • Pay attention to your behavior
  • Be courteous with fellow speakers
  • Be confident and keep adding ‘good’ points
  • Ensure that your words make sense
  • Don’t be afraid to start
  • Use supporting statistics and examples
  • Participate in mock GDs beforehand
  • Brush up your GK
  • Follow your heart
  • Stay updated at all times
  • Acquire these crucial group discussion skills
  • Lastly, follow these group discussion rules

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GD Tips in Details of Each Topic

  • Pay Attention to Your Behavior

The first impression often ends. Make sure you make a good impression on the GD round. During group discussions follow the basics of sitting, look into everyone’s eyes as you approach, and listen carefully when speaking to others. Do not simply wave your arms or make gestures loudly.

Always pay attention when others in the group are talking. Look at them as they speak and show that you are interested in what they have to contribute.

Point Summary – Make eye contact with everyone on the table while they speak or while you speak. This shows that you’re alert.

  • Be courteous with fellow speakers

Remember this is very important in GD interviews, as recruiters look for team attitude. Make sure you are courteous to others in the group. Make your point but read the cut while others are talking.

Additionally, do not use negative terms like “I disagree” or “That’s incorrect”. Because that will make GD more complicated.

Point Summary – Speak in ‘Business English’. Be sure to thank your employers as they step out of the GD room to make a great impact.

  • Be confident and keep adding ‘good’ points

Friend it’s taught me to make some good and new points in the GD interview. Because the points you thought you had were just stolen! And you think to have lost control of the situation.

Don’t worry. nothing is happening. Remember interviewer will see how you react to these exciting situations. Therefore, relax. Take a breath Compose yourself And jump into live group discussions with a new point.

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Point Summary – It’s totally up to you how many good points you can make in the GD round.

  • Ensure that your words make sense

While it is important to make a significant number of points and leave a mark on the panelists, you must speak as intelligently. Blebbing jibberish never gets the point. If you feel that you are unaware of the matter, allow others to talk first. Take a cue from what they have to offer and make your points. In the worst case, rewrite what your group mates suggested and reiterate their points. If you think you have nothing to contribute, summarize the discussion.

Point Summary – Choose your words wisely.

  • Don’t be afraid to start

If you are well-versed in the stated topic and have a lot to offer, then pat yourself on the back (well, mentally). Keep the key points down and be the initiator of the group discussion. In this way, you get the opportunity to lead the discussion, taking it to a meaningful point of your choice and convenience.

Point Summary – Well begun is a job half done!

  • Use supporting statistics and examples

Using famous quotes or examples to back up your points in a group discussion will prompt panelists to pay attention to your cognition. In addition, the use of statistical data to fix your approach further fetches brownie points. It’s not all that hard, is it?

Point Summary – Read well and use all your knowledge to your advantage before appearing for a group discussion.

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  • Participate in mock GDs beforehand

Participating in the mock group discussion before D-Day will help you learn about others of similar caliber and ability (prepare these topics). Try to be a part of the mock group discussion to open your thought process to different subjects and make a mental note of your strengths and shortcomings.

Point Summary – Allows practice in front of the mirror. Trust us, it works wonders almost every time.

  • Brush up your GK

Some of the most common topics for group discussion are picked up from newspapers. Make sure that you are fully aware of what is happening in and around the country. If you are not reading newspapers/magazines regularly, then browse through websites that can give you a quick overview of the latest happenings.

Point Summary – General knowledge is important to get through a GD round.

  • Follow your heart

Has it ever happened that you scored 6 marks in group discussion and got rejected while your friend only got 2 and got selected? Happens often, right? This shows that no 2 group discussions are the same and you can never know exactly what a company is looking for. Therefore, don’t trust your GD coaches when they give you “group discussion suggestions that command you to focus on at least 5 points”. No set rules can be made about the number of times you open your mouth in a group discussion.

Point Summary – Go with the flow, follow your heart. Remember, ultimately, it is the quality that matters and not the quantity.

For more information on GD rounds please click here.

  • Stay updated at all times

Like your best friend, Internet browsers can answer all your questions by suggesting top interview preparation websites in times of crisis. Regularly online research to access vast, company-specific databases of authentic interview experiences shared by real interviewers. Read interview and group discussion tips presented by real people who have gone through similar experiences before. See also videos of GD recordings. Such material will help in your GD selection process.

Point Summary – Online research for GD preparation material from time to time.

  • Acquire these crucial group discussion skills

Group discussion is a tool to test your teamwork skills, listening skills, discussion ability, subject knowledge, and communication. Internal skills such as reasoning, speaking, and time management are very useful. Skills you can work on include presentations, summaries, and speaking people. Learn more about important group discussion skills in detail here.

Point Summary – Get in a group of 6-8 and try out these pointers to play it cool.

Video Credit goes to TalentSprint Coding Prep Youtube channel

Some Important Group Discussion Tips

  • Come prepared
  • Note down the names of all the participants
  • Maintain a firm posture
  • Take charge of the discussion
  • Retain your standing and balance
  • Do not get emotional

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I hope you found these group discussion tips helpful. If you feel we missed something or in case you have any suggestions, do share your comments below.

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