How Do I Get a Job in The Airport?

Hello everyone, today I will discuss the topic that is how do I get a job at the airport? Well, there are different kinds of jobs you can do at the airport but it depends on your education and skills.

Every job position required different education and skills. But yes if you are just a 10th pass out, then also there is an opportunity for you. Below I have mentioned the list of jobs available at the airport.

List of Available Job Position at Airport

  • Air cabin crew
  • Pilot
  • Aviation security officers
  • Customer service agents
  • Ground service agent
  • Passenger handling agent
  • Air traffic controller
  • Airfield operation assistant
  • Business development roles
  • Business center coordinator
  • Airport director
  • Catering assistant
  • Corporate support
  • Cleaning assistant
  • Immigration officer
  • Customs and excise officer
  • Maintenance officer

How to Select The Best Jobs at the Airport

Friends, it’s not a pic of cake, for each and every position you should have the particular education and skills. Suppose if you want to become a pilot then you should have a CPL license.

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And this license is provided by the authority after successfully completing the pilot training. So, it’s not like that “I love to do that’s why I do”. Although I can give you some options which will help you to select a particular target.

  • The pilot is the most powerful position in aviation jobs. So, you will get paid much higher when compared to any other Airpost jobs. But become a pilot you need to have a CPL license, which is very taught to achieve or it’s also an expensive process.
  • Get a degree in aeronautics or similar and join an airline or aircraft manufacturing (eg Boeing, Airbus) or maintenance company. You can then work on the latest avionics on the aircraft in the airport hangar.
  • Join an airline for non-flight work. It is finance, booking, and operations and you may get a chance to work at the airport.
  • Join as a steward/stewardess in an airline. You can then fly daily.
  • Join the Ministry of External Affairs… in departments involved in immigration control and you can find airport postings.
  • Join defense, and espionage. Industrial security such as CISF and if you are lucky, you can be stationed at the airport to maintain the safety and security of the passengers.
  • Join cargo handling
  • Join the airport as a maintenance worker or perform contract work such as running a shop in the airport.

Note – if you want to apply for any other airlines like Qatar Airways cabin crew jobs please check the link. Also, you can check out American Airlines’ latest jobs here.

Most Populer Aviation Jobs

Friends we all know we love to become an aviation staff for the glamorous lifestyle. But still, there is 3 job position that all want to join and work as below –

  • Cabin Crew / Flight Attendant
  • Ground Staff / Customer Service Agent
  • Pilot

Below I have discussed the eligibility criteria for these three positions. You should check that if you want to become an airport staff.

Cabin Crew Eligibility Criteria

  • Only female candidates with Indian nationals can apply for this job.
  • The applicant should have a valid Indian passport.
  • Your age must be between 18 to 27 years.
  • Educational Qualification – You should have cleared your 10+2(H.S) examination, from any recognized Board or University.
  • All Indigo Cabin crew applicants must have the capacitance and clarity of speech in English and Hindi.
  • Your height should be a minimum of 155 cm with proportionate weight, as per BMI.
  • Candidates should have good knowledge of body language and be well-groomed.
  • No tattoos should be visible when you are in uniform.

Ground Staff Eligibility Criteria

  1. Educational qualification – Indigo gives priority to a graduate applicant from a recognized board or university. (If at any level during or before the employment of a candidate, it has been found that the necessary qualification is not prescribed by a recognized Board or University. Indigo is responsible for withdrawing or terminating the employment or employment offer of such a candidate.)
  2. Desired applicant skills – good communication skills, customer service aptitude, open to working in rotational shifts, Able to work under pressure.
  3. Airport operations experienced applicants will be preferred for Indigo careers ground staff.
  4. Kindly refer to local residents only.
  5. No visible tattoo marks/body art will be allowed to attend the interview.
  6. Indigo ground staff age should be under 18 to 27 years for freshers.
  7. Interviewed candidates can reapply after 6 months.

Pilot Eligibility Criteria

  • 4,500h Total Flight Hours (It depend on the airline)
  • Minimum experience 1500hrs PIC includes – Min 750hrs PIC on A320 family, plus and min 750hrs PIC on other jets with MTOW more than 35,000kg. (It depends on the airline)
  • Holds current ATPL
  • Last PIC flight on A320 family aircraft is within 12 months from the date of assignment
  • ICAO English Level 4 or higher
  • Current Class I medical certificate
  • Valid A320 family OPC (It depend on the airline)
  • Valid Passport (minimum 1 year)
  • The last five pages of the logbook
  • Criminal Record within 6 months
  • Release letter from the previous company
  • Authentication letter

Apply Online for Airport Jobs

Friends here I have mentioned some airline official links from which you can directly check their walk-in-interview list and apply online.

  1. Indigo Airline jobs
  2. Spicejet Airline jobs
  3. GoAir Jobs
  4. Vistara Airline Jobs
  5. Air India Jobs
  6. BWFS Jobs
  7. AISATS Jobs
  8. Bhadra International Jobs

Note – For cabin crew interviews it’s very important that how you design your resume. Your resume should look professional. If it’s not you can download a sample professional resume or CV formate free here. Also, you can send me your details at I will make your resume within 2 working days but it will cost you Rs 480 only.

So, if you are fresher and want to make your career in the aviation industry or airport, then I hope this article will help you to understand or clear your doubt, that how do I get a job at the airport?

Still, if you have any queries related to airport jobs or aviation jobs please comment below or contact us on our Facebook page or YouTube channel.

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