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Want to apply for cabin crew jobs? Do you want to join a flight job? Then, you should be passionate about aviation and you want to travel around the world? Here you will find the steps you need to follow to apply for your dream job as a flight attendant. 

So, in this article, you will find out the way to apply for Cabin Crew Jobs online. And I think this gonna help you very much to become a cabin crew or flight attendant as a fresher. Also, you will get the list of a link of domestic and international airlines official website to apply online. Below are the required criteria to understand better about this job.

apply cabin crew jobs

Requirement Criteria to apply for cabin crew

  • Applicant must have clear his/her high school or diploma and have the required documentation.
  • Be able to swim – Swimming is essential for this profession, so if you are not able to swim, then you should start taking swimming classes.
  • Age – The minimum for most European airlines is 18 years old and the minimum for airlines is 21 years old from the Orient. (Emirates, Qatar Airways, Etihad, Oman Air, Al Maha Airways)
  • Height – Each airline’s approved minimum height varies depending on the policy – minimum 157 cm – 175 cm.157 meters for girls and 175 meters for boys for the air. Also, some wide-body aircraft company required  210 cm – 212 cm after raising your hand. its depend on the company.
  • No tattoos in sight – Generally, until the uniforms are not seen wearing, tattoos accept. But keep in mind that companies like Qatar Airways are not accepting any tattoos, even if they are not seen while wearing uniforms.
  • English language skills – All airlines require fluctuation in both written and oral forms for their flight attendants in English. You must have a good level of English to be able to pass the interview. Your English skills are an important part of your training.
  • Good health – As a future flight attendant, you will be the subject of a series of tests and medical examinations. Their purpose is to detect any potential illness or disease that can increase during the flights.
  • Vision requirements – Only approved diopters are +/- 4, provided that you wear both glasses and contact lenses. These are the minimum requirements that a flight attendant should meet. In addition, each airline can implement its own rules on employment, so read recruitment ads well.

Link to Apply For a Flight Attendant Jobs

To hire a cabin crew, you need to monitor the airline companies’ career website. Here is some link to find the most searched airline companies for the status of flight attendants. Also, you can find by Airlines name then careers then google will show you that airline’s official website.


Etihad Airways:

Qatar Airways

Gulf Air:

Air Arabia:


Oman Air:



Wizz Air:


British Airways:

Prepare the below things before visite this link

Make your current CV/Resume and Photos –  When you apply for a job, you will first see CVs and photos. This will make the difference between accepting or not. If you want to complete your CV completely then you can send it to correct it. And for cabin crew interview question list.

Notify yourself about the airline and how the interview is done – Before participating in the interview, make sure that you have informed yourself about the company you have applied for. Apart from this, you can look at our website and see how the interview goes on, what are the differences between open and evaluation day and how to contact the recruits.

Prepare yourself for cabin crew Interview  – If you want to be ready for the cabin crew’s job extra, then you can take part in one of our cabin crew courses. We are also providing online personal coaching with one of our instructors, who will provide you the opportunity to prepare for the interview anywhere.

– I hope this article gonna help to all who want to become a cabin crew and also it will help to Apply Cabin Crew Jobs Online. Also to prepare for the cabin crew interview you can check out how to become a cabin crew article. And for cabin crew interview question list.

If you have any more questions to ask me you can use the below comment box or you can contact me on my Facebook page and youtube channel. Thank You


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