Protect Yourself from IndiGo Airline Job Scam [Real Call Record]

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Are you searching for an Indigo Airline job vacancy? But do you know most of the vacancies you will find on the internet are fake? So, here in this article, I am gonna share a real Indigo Airline job scam with proof of a call record. Also, I will tell you how you can protect yourself from these job scammers.

So, if you have faced this problem or if you are a cabin crew or ground staff aspirant, then you need to read this article till the end. Because in this article I am gonna tell you how you can protect yourself from the Indigo Airline job scam, how do you know that you got a fake job letter or fake job offer by call or email?

indigo airline job scam

How Do You Know a Job Offer is Fake?

  • Suddenly you got a job offer via call, sms, or email but you never applied for any job.
  • The job offer is unsolicited.
  • The recruiter asks for your personal information, such as your bank account details or Social Security number, before you have even been interviewed.
  • The recruiter asks you to pay a fee to process your job application or training.
  • The job offer seems too good to be true.
  • You received a job offer in your email and the recruiter did not use an official email ID.
  • The recruiter does not have a proper office address or official number [landline number].

If are you looking for an Indigo Airline ground staff job, then check the below link for Indigo airline’s latest ground staff job list from the below link.

Some Screenshot of Indigo Airline Job Scam

Bellow photos are real and shared by our followers or viewers who faced this fake job letter and scammers allow asking money from them. So, I allowed suggesting to everyone that “the airline never ask for money to attend the interview or apply online for any of the job listed on their website. But if someone is asking for money for it in the name of the airline then you should know that’s a fake job offer”.

Also, you can watch this video to listen to a call record shared by our female subscriber who faced an Indigo Airline fake job offer also the scammer’s phone number is shown in the name of Indigo Airline in TruCaller.

Here you check out the latest cabin crew interview questions and answers list for freshers to get prepared yourself.

Some Tips to Help you Avoid Falling Victim to an IndiGo Airline Job scam

  • The airline never publishes their job on any 3rd pary job portal website, so never register yourself on any 3rd party website for an Indigo Airline job.
  • Only apply for jobs through IndiGo’s official website or career portal.
  • Never pay any money to anyone in exchange for a job offer.
  • Be suspicious of any job offer that seems too good to be true.
  • You need to research the company and the recruiter before you provide any personal information.
  • If you think you have been a victim of a scam, report it to the authorities immediately.

If you are searching for an Indigo cabin crew interview, please check the article.

So, I hope this article will help you to protect yourself from the Indigo Airline job scam. If you want to become an Indigo Airline cabin crew ground staff you can check the airline’s official website or you can check out our website for every month’s job updates from the above link.

If you have any questions related to aviation jobs, please feel free to comment below or you can contact me on our Facebook page or watch our YouTube video to get interview tips and tricks for cabin crew or ground staff careers.

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