Japan Airlines Flight Attendant Interview Process Step by Step (2024)

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Japan Airlines Flight Attendant Interview – Hello everyone welcomes Aviation Dreamer. I hope our website will help you to find your Aviation Jobs or airline jobs.

So, in this article, I will write on the topic of the Japan Airlines Flight Attendant Interview Process Step by Step (2024). So, if you want to apply for the Air Japan cabin crew or if you planning to become a Japan Airlines flight attendant please read till the end.

I know you had to check my last article about Japan Airlines’ latest vacancy for a flight attendant. And started searching on interview processes and salary structure. Well, I also dreamed of becoming a cabin crew and decided to give it a shot.

In this article, I will share my personal experience with a Japan airlines flight attendant interview in Singapore. But you-you is from any other country like Tokyo or any other then the interview process is the same. it is an online application where their JAL Singapore site will have a link and then you will be directed to the online application form. You fill in your basic information such as name /DOB/height/ education etc. They also ask if you have any marks and tattoos that can not be seen when wearing uniforms or not.

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And then you will wait for their email after the last date of their application of course, I got a notice to go to Changi Airport for their first interview held in their office. It is not going to run in the interview, so the office is quiet with 2 employees on one counter at their door. Some employees might have been present because this is the weekend.

Then we were asked to deposit photocopies of our IC and educational certificates when they were asked when they sent an email for the first interview notification. Therefore, to leave a good impression, I suggest to all the applicants that they will be fortunate, who be asked to interview these documents for hook or crook.

Counter staff will issue you a number sticker, and you will be asked to stick it to your left chest area. Also, make sure you meet the height requirement because they will take your height before the interview. So forget about applying if you do not ask for at least altitude.

Then we will be asked to sit on the chairs arranged by them to wait for our turn for our interview. While waiting, there will be office staff to brief us on the interviewer’s profile and interview dos and donuts and process too. For my batch, 1 interview contains 5 interviewers, Japanese and Singapore mixtures.

We were also instructed to go to groups of 5 according to all the allotted number stickers and sit according to our number. Apart from this, we were asked to stand in front of our face-to-face interviews, and it was said to sit only when asked to do so. It was a very brief and incidental interview, we basically give a brief introduction to me, and then there will be QnA based on our online application submitted to JAL Air.

It did not look very formal because the answers given by other candidates had slight laughter. As we were speaking personally, the interviewer was also filling out a small form to figure out, so basically, be sure to smile and sit in an honest post because they are constantly watching you. He has also mentioned the salary structure which is about $ 2.5k of basic + different allowances.

After that, the interview ended and we were asked to stay in the office for a Mandarin oral test before going home. This is like a high school oral exam, where 1 interviewer will be with 1 candidate, and the candidate will then pass the interview to the interviewer, and the ability to read his pronunciation and words will be evaluated. Make sure your Mandarin is all prepared and ready because the route is about 3/4 pages.

After 2 days I got an email saying that I had been selected for the final interview! He also specifically said that women have to wear their hair and wear business dresses. Actual IC and educational festivals should be brought for verification and most importantly bring a T-shirt and shorts for a skin check.

There were only 2 steps, and the second interview would be 1 week after the interview. As always, we were asked to sit outside the interview room and the information given by the staff was given. The interview process 1 was the same as well, followed by a self-introduction QnA. But this time, I was so lucky to know how much I knew about JAL, that a question was asked on this.

I had guessed it a few nights earlier, so I was relieved that I was able to answer after doing some research. Be sure to know at least 3 or 4 information points about the candidate, JLL, if you like my question. And that’s about it! There is no difference between 1 interview.

But after leaving the room, we were told that our T-shirts and shorts should be changed to check the mark. That’s why we were checked on our front chest area, back, neck, and arms. Do not worry, all this is done in a closed area. So if you are good, then they are quick to answer whether you will pass the interview and go ahead for a medical examination, because they informed me that evening!

Only 4 hours after my second interview, I was invited to go for the medical check the next day! So skilled! But they are not happy yet because medical check-up also determines whether they can successfully get Japan Airlines flight attendants.

During a medical examination, the doctor examined marks and birthmarks better during the second interview. And worse, I did not make any makeup for the medical check-up. The slightest mark on my face was seen by the doctor and he wrote it in medical form by JAL and took a picture of it to collect them.

Even a pimple on my stomach was also seen by him. I thought, that is it, I can pass both interviews, but the medical examination will fail because they did not want flying attendants with visible marks. It was so sad, but I still had to complete the remaining tests.

These are all about it for the JAL interview process in Singapore, and for those optimistic candidates, remember to brush your Mandarin and maintain a clear skin color. They are not very hard to check your face, but overall it should look fine. Good luck!

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