Jet Airways charge Rs 50,000 as training fees for cabin crew. But Is it worth it?

Hello, friends welcome to Aviation Dreamer. Today I will write an important topic and I think it’s a common question that comes to our mind, especially when we are going to apply for Cabin Crew jobs. And that Jet Airways charge Rs 50,000 as training fees for selected cabin crew. but Is it really worth it? So, today we will talk about Jet Airways only. So, please check the below information.

Friends I told every aspiring cabin crew to understand what actually needs to be done to join an Airline as a Cabin crew. To prepare for the interview, You need to train in Communication Skills, Grooming Skills, Personal Skills, and Customer service Skills and learn the code of conduct. But besides that, you should know that to join as a cabin crew or flight attendant there is no requirement to do any courses from any Institute by paying any money.

why jet airways charge rs 50,000

Because you will be trained by the airline on all essential skills like SAFETY, SERVICE, SOFT SKILLS, SECURITY, DANGEROUS GOODS, FIRST-AID, etc. And for all of these, they will recover this amount from you. There is no need to be trained on all these before being selected for the interview.

The airlines have to charge you this amount because they include a lot of effort to make a crew for their airline. If they do not charge you for what they are providing, then you can simply train and run. And in fact, it happens, every time. Anything fails in the examination. So this is also a type of loss for the airline.

They are investing this amount to make you perfect for this Job or a licensed crew. And this all is for you not for the airlines. So, I think this charge is really worth becoming a cabin crew.

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You will be provided world-class training with the best coaches. You must work hard to complete the standards of the regulatory body, so that after clearing the plane to fly in the form of a crew, clear all your exams.

And I think this investment from your pocket is beneficial for your career as well as the airline. To ensure that the time and effort of going from both ends is worth it. Thank You

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2 thoughts on “Jet Airways charge Rs 50,000 as training fees for cabin crew. But Is it worth it?”

  1. Hi how about those people who havent enough money to get this kind of training..but they have passion in their heart because they also really need a job. Can this airlines give scholarship.. or implement this “training now,pay later” or make a ‘loyalty’ contract of 2 yrs job after the training ???? I think they are other ways to make sure they will never run away from ur company..thank u

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