Online Cabin Crew Course for Female & Male in Affordable Price

Are you looking for an online cabin crew course in this pandemic situation? Then check this article till the end, it will help you to choose the World’s best online air hostess course for you.

Friends I am Paresh Baidya an aviation career guide. Actually, friends I know that many of you want to become cabin crew or flight attendants. Maybe it’s your dream job. But as a fresher, you need to get some good advice from an expert. And many of you are taking a wrong disposition at that point in time.

So, without understanding your needs or requirement you are making the decision to join a cabin crew course. Then you are visiting many institutes and collect their fee details and air hostess course details. And you agreed to invest your money and time in that, without knowing the truth of cabin crew job details.

But now it’s a lockdown time, where everyone is suffering losses, not only the aviation industry, every organization trying to work with the low manpower. Almost every airline stopped hiring cabin crew, ground crew, or pilots.

So, friends, it’s better to west your tie than use it smartly.

cabin crew course

Yes, I am talking about the best and cheapest way to choose a cabin crew course in 2023. Normally, if you will think of joining an institute and taking an air hostess course, you have to spend a minimum of 1 lakh rupees or 1340 USD.

So, it’s better to choose the correct and cheapest way.

Why am I suggesting you choose an online cabin crew course? Because it’s a very simple way to understand the subject and it’s less amount of fees. Also, you will get a part payment option.

Check below for details, where I have to provide all the information about the cabin crew online course.

First, you should know about Mrs. Kara Grand. She made this online course. She was a cabin crew and purser in a Middle East airline. First, she wrote two Ebooks, below –

  1. How to Become a Flight Attendant [find this book from Amazone]
  2. 101 Question and Answer for the Cabin Crew Interview [find this book from amazone]

Then after that, many of her followers are requested to make an online cabin crew course. Which will be cheap but a master guide from A to Z for a fresher to become a flight attendant. Then Mrs. Kara thinks to make this air hostess course. She makes this course for every fresher who wants to become a flight attendant for a total of 4 weeks duration.

Table of Content in Online Cabin Crew Course

  1. How to Become Confident for Your Cabin Crew Interview
    • Friends, this will take nearly one week. You will learn everything about the confidence level to become a cabin crew, and I think this is very important to boost your dream job.
    • You will get 77 minutes of live class video, which will guide you through step-by-step information. Also, provide E-book and workbook.
  2. Get Shortlisted at the Open Day
    • Here in this step, you will learn about the airline’s open day or the entry point of the cabin crew or flight attendant—this step is divided into three parts and in 1 week of duration.
    • In the 1st part, you will get 80 minutes of video and two cabin crew course voice records.
    • Then in the 2nd part, you should download a workbook and read the information from there.
    • In the 3rd part, you will get some visualization exercises to succeed in an open-day interview. Also, you can download a sample CV/resume, job description samples, desirable skills, CV/resume sample, sample application photo, and sample answers for crucial interview questions.
  3. Assessment Success Formula
    • In this step, you will learn about the flight attendant assessment day —this step is divided into three parts and one week of duration.
    • In the 1st part, you will get 100 minutes video of cabin crew assessment day and a masterclass voice record.
    • Then in the 2nd part, you need to download a workbook for practice.
    • In the following part, you will get a total of 3 videos for the welcome, introducing yourself, and reach test.
    • The next part is the group exercise module. You will get 1 group exercise video learning and 4 exercise sample on group exercise practice in this part.
    • Next is the English test module. You will get one video on the English airline test and 5 sample tests of the different English test modules in this part.
    • You will get one video of 7 minutes on the math test module and 1 sample math test file in the next part.
    • The next and last part of this step is the psychometric test module. Here you will get two videos on psychometrics and an ending video of this online cabin crew course.
  4. Final Interview Blueprint
    • Friends, this is the last step in this flight attendant course. So, in this course, Mrs. Kara provides you with the final interview blueprint of cabin crew interviews to get success.
    • So, In this part, you will get whole three parts. In the 1st part, you will get 70 minutes of video of the cabin crew interview and get audio.
    • In the next part, you will get a downloadable workbook for your practice.
    • In the last part of this course, you will get a bonus download of the interview visualization exercise and a 101 questions and answers sheet free.

Here you can check out the Indigo Airline cabin crew jobs update for fresher candidates in 2023.

Air Hostess Course Fees Details

Friends, I can tell you this is the world’s cheapest course available for freshers, who want to become cabin crew. The cabin crew course fee is $197 which you can pay at one time, or you can pay in 2 installments of $99 each. It depends on you which payment process you like. You can check the example from the below photos.

air hostess course payment process

Here you can find out the Emirates Airlines cabin crew jobs interview updates and for Qatar Airways cabin crew jobs please check here.

So, if you want to enroll for the cabin crew course online and at a low price, then this is only one course available right now on the internet to take admission and get your dream job.

Friends, it depends on you which you will enroll in which course. But as an experienced person, I have to show you the correct way to take a cabin crew course. It’s maybe online or offline now there is much fake organization available. Who can make you fool?

So, take care, and before taking any online course, take advice from an experienced person. Suppose you have any more queries related to this topic. Then comment below or contact me on my Facebook page and youtube channel. Thank you.

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