Open Day VS Assessment Day – Understand Better About Crew Interview

Open Day VS Assessment Day – Hello everyone welcomes to Aviation Dreamer’s official website. Here you can search for your favorite Aviation Jobs and also get Interview Tips. So, today I will write on a different topic and it’s like Open Day VS Assessment Day – Understand Better About Crew Interview. It’s really important to know before attending an Open Day or Assessment Day. So, requesting all read this article till the end.

In this article, we will explore both Open Days and Assessment Day, along with a detailed explanation of how to present themselves and what to hope for these events these days.

Open day vs assessment day

Open Days

Open days are information sessions where you are about to estimate how it works for the airline and how the work described by your potential employer is. There will be presentations of base cities, airline destinations, and expansion plans. You must have also heard his cabin crew how to live in the airline’s country, work in the air and serve people around the world every day.

Know who can attend this

Anyone can go on an open day without prior invitations from the airline. The airline advises you to register online before the event. If you want to do this, you should do it in every way. However, this is not a necessity. It will not benefit you, nor will it put you in an inferior condition. Once your CV gets shortlisted, you will be asked to register online if you have not done it before.

How you can present yourself

Go on Open Day as you go for an interview. That means that business dresses. Women should wear skirt suit with skin color pantyhose and high heels shoes. Put on some light make-up and neatly organize your hair. Gentlemen, choose a suit with a collar shirt and tie, polished shoes with small and neatly prepared hair.

How long will it take

The time will be advertised on the airline’s career website. 9:00 am means that the fast presentation is scheduled to begin at 09:00 AM. Etiquette should be at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time, find your way to the conference room, and get acquainted with the other candidates. If you are late, you will be asked to go back home. If you can not show up on time for your job interview, what are the possibilities for your flights?

The process of Open Day

You will see some informative videos about the airline and their city, then there will be a question and answer session. Taking notes to show your interest is a great technique. Apart from this, notes can be useful before the final interview. Try to pay attention to yourself by asking a relevant question that can benefit more than one person. Make sure the subject was not covered in the video.
If you like what you see in the video and you consider the airline to be an appropriate employer for you, then you can stay for the next stage, which is handing over your documents.

Documents to bring for Open Day

Your CV, photo, passport copy, and the standard documents required for your highest education certificate. For the exact type and number required for each airline, visit the official careers website for the airline you want to apply for.
After an informative session, you will be asked to submit your documents and applications.

While the recruiter goes through your CV, they give you to access test and elevation test (212 cm vertical hand reach and minimum 160 cm height for Emirates, 212 cm hand for Qatar Airways and 210 cm for Etihad) Can say. They will then ask a few questions about your resume (experience, education, etc.) and you will be given a reference number. You will be given information about when and how to contact you when successful.


If you know that you make excellent first impressions, then this is your chance to shine. Even if you have less experience than other candidates, then you can be selected to participate in the assessment day due to your charisma.


Open Day VS Assessment Day

In some places, more than 1000 candidates participate in the open day. Some candidates also do not know whether they have to wear professional clothes or photographs; However, they show up. All of them will be given a chance to leave their CV, which will make the process very long. By the time you get to submit your documents, 12 hours have passed.
If your CV was not selected during Open Day, then you could participate in the second Open Day only after six months regardless of the location.

Assessment Days

Evaluation is the actual cabin crew hiring method, although this is not just the classic 1-on-1 interview, where you sit and answer questions from an airline representative. Assessment is the “assessment center” of recruitment day. There are different steps, each of which has an eradication phase. Successful candidates will get to the next level. Similar to the “American Idol” or “Survivor” show.

Know who can attend this

If you apply online on the airline’s career website and your application was shortlisted, you can participate in an assessment day. This means that your profile (experience and education, language skills and interpersonal skills) corresponds to the ideal profile of a potential flight attendant. Now you only have to prove that your personality will be a perfect match for job descriptions and airlines.

How you can present yourself

Whenever you go for an interview, you have to look immaculate: professional, clean, elegant, and fit for job details. How to Read Dress for Appraisal Day

How long will it take

In most cases, the assessment day starts at 9 a.m. and ends at approximately 6 o’clock. Have time, bring some water and food, and try to become yourself. Do not worry and show that you are nervous. It’s normal, and it shows that getting this job is important for you. As soon as the day starts, you will forget about all the nerves.

The process of Assessment Day

Appraisal day usually starts after an introduction, a group practice, an English test, and sometimes a personality profile test. Successful candidates will be invited to the next phase. The unsuccessful candidates will be asked to leave the evaluation day after that stage which they did not pass.
At the end of the evaluation day, successful candidates will be asked to come back the next day for the final interview. It can be 1-on-1 (1 interviewer and one candidate) or 2-on-1 (2 interviewers and one candidate). Make sure you go through 25 questions and answers for the cabin crew’s final interview before the big day.

Documents to bring for Assessment Day

Get your CV and app photo, a passport copy and a copy of your highest diploma, and any recommendation letter from your current or previous employers. Apart from these, each airline will provide you with a unique list of registration forms and additional documents to provide. Anything that is not available to you can be uploaded online later.


Attending an Appraisal Day means that your CV fulfills the minimum requirements for the job and you are already considered a qualified candidate for this position. During the assessment day, you only have to show your personality – should not wait in line thinking whether your CV looks very good or if your photos are acceptable.

Apart from this, if you are not successful through any one stage, then you will know what to improve for next time.


As the assessment day is organized at different stages, you have to show that you are capable of each of them. It is not enough to be fluent in English and with great confidence you will pass the English test, if you are not able to show that you can do good work in a team during a group exercise, the evaluation will end there.
If you fail at any stage of the assessment day, you can apply again after six months. If you fail in the final interview, you can reapply after 12 months.

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