Pilot Jobs in India as a Fresher After Completed 12th Examination – Full Details

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Have you failed to find pilot jobs in India? truly it’s a very taught job to finding the proper guide to become a pilot in India.

But don’t worry. We will help you to become a commercial pilot. If you are fresher then this article will give you the details ideas to become a pilot in India.

Normally in this article, you will get information about the introduction of an airline pilot. Types of airline pilots, pilot requirement criteria, job responsibilities of a pilot, pilots’ salary and benefits in India and some companies who hire pilots in India.

What is Pilot

Freinds basically a pilot is a person who is capable or trained to fly an aircraft of any privet airline or military aircraft.

Professional pilots fly and navigate airplanes, helicopters, and other types of aircraft. Airline pilots work for and government or privet airline company, transporting people and cargo on a place to another place within the times. While commercial pilots work for companies that offer charter flights, rescue operations and many more.

pilot jobs in india

Types of Pilot

Normally we can differentiate the pilots as per there certificates. Because each pilot has their CPL certificate from there training authority. So bellow I have mentioned a total of 6 types of the pilot we can see. Those are –

  • Sport Pilot
  • Private Pilots
  • Commercial Pilots
  • Flight Instructors
  • Airline Transport Pilot
  • Recreational Pilot

Pilot Job Responsibilities

Friends, it’s very important to know about pilot job responsibilities before applying for pilot jobs in India. So, I request you to check out the below details carefully.

  • As a pilot, allows you need to check pre- and post-flight aircraft inspections.
  • Selecting safe and efficient flight routes after checking all the prepares and whether and equipment.
  • Allows you need to determine the risks that may occur during the flying.
  • Keeping accurate records for compliance purposes
  • Communicating with required agencies for complete required permissions.
  • As an aircraft captain, your main responsibility is ensuring the safety and comfort of the passengers, crew, and aircraft.

Requirement Criteria of a Pilot Jobs in India

  • Communication – As a pilot, your communication skills should be excellent. Also, an airline likes to hire problem-solving skills and be a detail-oriented person.
  • Task management – You must be able to prioritize tasks and projects
  • Teamwork – The ability to work as part of a team is important. In addition to working with your crew, you should also work with air traffic controllers and flight dispatchers.
  • Professional demeanor – It is important to do business in a professional manner and conduct at all times.
  • Interpersonal skills – Exceptional interpersonal skills are important along with the ability to get along with others.
  • Adaptability – You must have the ability to adapt to unusual working hours and working conditions.

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The process to Apply for Pilot Jobs in India

  1. Gain Experience – Learn to fly through full flight school or military experience.
  2. Get Licensed – Take and pass the test for your pilot’s license, and any certifications that can help you achieve the type of pilot job you want, such as a private or commercial pilot, or a flight instructor.
  3. Apply Online – Apply directly for pilot jobs for available airlines, or use job-search resources such as aviationdreamer.com. Also, you can visit the airline official website from the below –

Pilot Duty Hours

Airline pilots spend an average of 75 hours in flight and 150 hours on non-flight duty each month. Commercial pilots fly between 30 and 90 hours per month. Both have an irregular schedule that includes working for several days and then working for several days.

The airline’s pilots have a minimum of eight hours’ rest between flights, as mandated by the FAA. They are often away from home for at least a few days at a time. Those seniors with the airline get preferred routes, so new pilots may not get the chance to choose where they fly.

Note – here you can find out lates pilot jobs in Singapore airline.

QAN Section

Do Pilots get jobs easily in India?

Friends as a fresher, it is a bit difficult to get a pilot job in India. But if you have 250 hours of flying experience, then it will be easy to get a commercial pilot job.

What should I do to become a pilot?

First of all, you should have clear your 12th examination with a good score in Math and Physics. Then clear DGCA class 2 medical examination and get the fill number. Then you can choose the best pilot training school for farther details.

What is the salary of commercial pilots in India?

As a fresher CPL holder, you can get the salary range of 2 Lakh per month but after getting the experience you can earn 5lakh to 6 lakh per month for more details on pilot salary in India you can check out the link.

Which airlines are hiring pilots?

All the airlines are hiring pilots in India like Indigo, Spicejet, Air Asia India, Vistara, GoAir & Air India.

What is the salary of a pilot?

As a fresher CPL holder, you can get the salary range of 2 Lakh per month but after getting the experience you can earn 5lakh to 6 lakh per month.

Do airport workers fly for free?

It totally depends on the airline for which you are working. Sometimes they provide a 100% discount or some time they provide a 50% discount also. It totally depends on the company benefits agreements.

Do pilot’s families fly for free?

Same as above some company provides some limitation discounts on the family traveling air ticket.

Note – If you are looking for Emirates cabin crew jobs you check the link. Also can check out Spicejet airline pilot job vacancy.

So, I hope this information will help you to apply for pilot jobs in India. Now you can prepare yourself and then attend the interview. I wish you the best of luck for your future.

So friends still if you have any query please comment below. And for any type of query related to the aviation industry or aviation jobs please contact me on my Facebook page and Youtube channel. Thank you

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