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There are some questions from the job interview that we almost guarantee that you will be asked without regard to the level of role, industry or experience. So, tell me about yourself is one of them.  Many interviewers use it as a snowfall to chat, and often they ask for the first time after sitting. This means that your reaction will set the tone for the entire interview, so it is really important that you do it well. And if you are interested to join in Aviation Industry then introduce yourself is the common question. So, here is the answer.

Many job candidates are nervous about this question and treat the interviewer with the interpretation of the story of his life or go through his CV robotics. In fact, this question is an excellent opportunity for your interviewers to show how they fitfully for the job as well as build relationships with them.

As you know that this question is likely to arise, your interviewer will expect you to think about it. You really do not have any excuse to flap it. The secret for most interview questions is preparation. But where do you start? We have created this simple three-step guide to help you come up with the right answers. But first of all, we want to explain why interviewers ask such difficult and open questions. The first step in determining what you want to tell me is

tell me about yourself

Why do interviewers ask this question?

So, why do the interviewers insist on asking so vague and open questions? Some candidates see this as a disappointing and sluggish question, which is likely to stumble after the interview begins. However, there are many reasons why the interviewers choose to start with this question and, once you understand them, then you are on the way to getting a great response.

The first thing to understand is that the interviewer does not intentionally try to get bad. In fact, they are probably looking forward to being the right person for a job. The lesser the people who want to interview, the easier their life will be. However, they should do this well, because poor recruitment can be detrimental to the business and may have negative effects on them.

An open question like this is an ideal opportunity for an interviewer to think about how you think. Often they are more interested in answering the question than what they actually say. This will eliminate those candidates who were not prepared and also give them an idea about your idea to know them as a potential employer. With whom you choose to talk about, you will tell them that you really understand what skills and experience are relevant to the job. Is your response centered on a structured, clear and proposed role? Or is this a vague and irrelevant text of the story of your life? Many roles require good communication and organizational skills and this is a great opportunity to show these skills with a clear and logical answer.

Many candidates will think a lot about immediate questions and terror because they try to figure out what the interviewer wants them to say. The question is, they ask you to answer, “Tell me about how to add value to a company”. If you customize your answer for this version of the question, then you will end up with a more concise and structured answer that is more useful for your interviewer.

tell me about yourself

Answer It — Tell me about yourself.

How to Answer Tell Me About Yourself :

Your answer should be different for each celebration of the interview, but it should always have the same basic component. A brief introduction about who you are professional, what experience or skills you have, which makes you ideal for this role, and why you are interested in this particular situation.

Your answer should be different for each celebration of the interview, but it should always have the same basic component. A brief introduction about who you are professional, what experience or skills you have, which makes you ideal for this role, and why you are interested in this particular situation.

Step 1: Research

We have already established that your answer should be focused on how you will add value to the company. So, how can you find out which of your qualities should you try and highlight? Most of the time, this information will be in the job description. Spend some time to cross your experience with the most important skills requested by job descriptions. If the job description does not list the company’s values or goals, then your website probably does. Also, do a search to see if the company is recently showing up in the news and see if you can learn something about the direction in which you are moving forward.

Step 2: Structure of the Personal Introduction – 

Now you know what you should include in your introduction and what you should not, just you need to find out the best way to explain it. But it will more simple if you break your introduction into 3 parts:

  • Professional Introduction: It’s totally your decision how you will explain yourself in front of the interviewer. So, give a brief description of where you are in your professional career.
  • How your experience makes you the perfect candidate for the role: Take a couple of examples and highlight how these demonstrate the skills they are looking for. This is where your research comes in. Prepare 4 or 5 points – you won’t need all of them but it’s always good to have a few examples on standby.
  • Why you’re interested to apply: Does your current opportunity lack challenges or the chance for progression? Is there something about the company that you find particularly attractive?

Step 3: The Main part is Practice –

Arrange your answer in brief points and use them as guidelines. It is important that you do not remember your answer word for the word because it can look unnatural. To ensure this, a friend can help you to hear your feedback so that you can give a clear sound and the points you want to express are clear.

You will know that this practice will benefit from the remaining answers given in your interview and will help you to speak more clearly about what you have to offer in the context of that special job.

How not to answer:

Here are some of the common traps that candidates fall into when trying to answer the question.

  • The Story of Life: Whatever you do, do not give your interviewer a step-by-step outline of your life from your birth. They are simply not interested and the vast majority will not be relevant. It can also run without any address and everyone will forget that the question was in the first place, which is not good.
  • Due to being very modest: some candidates will find it difficult to shout about their abilities and characteristics. If it looks like you, try not to be too slight. Instead, follow the facts. It also takes advantage of keeping your answers brief and clear.
  • Do not take it personally: Remember that this is a job interview; They do not want to know anything about their family or what they do on the weekends. Be professional and do not wander too far from work.
  • Repeat your CV: Do not pass it to your interviewer through your CV. This is not a very attractive way to communicate, and it is only a repetition of what you know about yourself.

If you follow these interview tips, I don’t think you will be failed your interview and please read very carefully to understand this article. Then apply it practically. So, as per my knowledge, I have mentioned all the important details. If you think I have missed anything to add for interview tips for aviation jobs. Please tell me to bellow comment box. Thank You.

Answer It — Tell me about yourself.

Answer It — Tell me about yourself.

Answer It — Tell me about yourself.

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