Job Responsibility of Airport Ground Staff as a Freshers

Hello everyone welcomes to Aviation Dreamer. In today’s article, I am gonna write on Airport Ground Staff responsibility. Yes, the topic is The Responsibility of Airport GSA/PSA/CSA – In Details. So, if you want to start your career as ground staff then read this till the end.

While cutting new or developing markets in the current market or cutting costs, airlines opt for a general sales agent (GSA) in some common areas and places as their representatives, so that they can not afford services and products Can present a complete set of.

Therefore, GSA plays a very important role in the aviation industry. GSA’s responsibility is to provide or hire the international standards office, pay towards its maintenance and maintenance, skilled and skilled employees and pay their salaries, and also pay local and other taxes. In short, the full operation of the airline is operated by GSA.

Due to its understanding of the market, GSA is responsible for promoting sales and developing market strategies to achieve the goals set by the airlines. GSA promotes sales through marketing and commercial activities either through self-developed or sold under the guidance of the airline.

GSA has to fulfill both airlines on both sides and with the right services on the other side of the airlines on both sides. A GSA will generally sell more than one airline product.

Responsibility of Airport GSA/PSA/CSA

Airline Representation ( GSA/PSA/CSA) Responsibilities in Different Areas

Customer service

  • Call center – telephone sales activities.
  • Ticketing – automated/manual.
  • Change dates/upgrades / lost tickets handling.
  • FIT and group booking inquiries.
  • Monthly sales statistics.
  • Handling inquiries from final consumers.
  • Internet / WEB service desk.
  • PTA handling.
  • Treatment of AD / ID and PEP tickets.
  • Client claims – including delays and wrong customer remedies. Downgrade / Fault Boarding Compensation.
  • Delayed/lost / damaged baggage claims.
  • State authority claims – treating illegal entry of travelers without a visa/resident permit, as public duty.

Sales & Marketing

  • Marketing planning.
  • Field sales and telephone sales.
  • Regular direct mailings.
  • Media advertising.
  • Market & competitor research.
  • Yield improvement through client segment marketing.
  • Personal contacts with corporate accounts and tour operators.
  • Establishment/development of quality package tour programs.
  • Direct sales to travel agencies for improving product awareness.
  • Promotion through specialized corporate travel agency chains and company implants.
  • Participation in special programs in cooperation with tourist boards/tour operators/airports etc.
  • Roadshows.
  • Special seminars/workshops and get-together events.
  • Fam. trips / educational travel.
  • Corporate web design and management.
  • Local sales promotion activities.

Financial services

  • Revenue control.
  • ADM / ACM processing.
  • Regular financial reporting and settlement.
  • Coordination, organization, and execution of all authorized payment transactions with electronic banking.
  • Credit card processing.
  • Flexible revenue settlement in various manners (monthly / fortnightly / weekly / daily).
  • Local tax and legal consulting facilities.

Also, you can check the below video for details information on GSA/PSA/CSA at the Airport

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