Things You Should Know Before Attends Cabin Crew Interview?

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If you want to become a cabin crew in Indigo Airlines, then you must read this article before attending the Indigo airline air hostess interview as a fresher. Because in this article I will share my experience with you. So, important information that you should know before attending the Indigo cabin crew interview.

Friends as we know there are many vacancies that are coming in the nearby dates. So, before that, we need to be prepared to crack that interview.

things know before attends cabin crew interview

Things You Should Know Before Attend Cabin Crew Interview

  1. First, is what is the minimum qualification that we need to sit for a cabin crew interview? So the minimum qualification is a 10+2 pass. You have to complete your Heigh School only then you are eligible for sitting in an Indigo cabin crew interview.
  2. Also, you have to be 18 plus. If you are somewhere 17 or you’re about to finish your 17 and get into 18 that’s not applicable you should have valid proof to show that you are 18.
  3. Now is graduation necessary? No. it’s not. Even if you are in your first year, the second or third year of your graduation you can definitely sit for cabin crew interviews provided that you know how to manage your graduation along with your working career.
  4. The next question was can I become a cabin crew if I wear specs? So the answer is yes. You can become a crew or maybe you can sit for any of these cabin crew interviews with or without specs as you can wear powered lenses.
  5. Now if I have overwritten teeth can I join as a ground staff or Cabin Crew? Because I know it’s not acceptable for cabin crew. If we are talking about Indigo is very very particular about the alignment of the teeth they do not want any crooked teeth. However, I know people personally who are in Spicejet and Vistara. They have crooked teeth but still, they are crew in the respective airlines because something similar happened with me also. But then nevertheless you can definitely sit for all these interviews and know by yourself.
  6. What is the nail grooming for an indigo interview? So for the interview there are no specific guidelines for nail grooming either should be long and neatly painted or it should be short trimmed and neatly painted.
  7. Now talking about the colors that you can use while you are going for an interview avoid using very dark and loud colors like bright red or orange black. You can use poppy colors try using some neutral. Colors like nude or maybe pearl white. Because once you’re done with your interview and if you get hired as a cabin crew the nail grooming standards are either long nails painted with pearl or any nude shade if I’m not wrong or it should be short trimmed and painted with white pearl are other colors also in the shade card.
  8. But however, I am not very sure about what are the other colors because in all my three years of training I just used pearl white because it looks classy.
  9. It’s easily available if you talk about nail extensions since it is a covered era and we are using hand gloves. So extensions are not allowed right now.
  10. How can I be prepared for the interview should I take help from google? Okay as of now there is no other website available on the internet like They actually provide actually legit information about all the interview procedures.
  11. So I also checked this website for reference and also I have made a video wherein I have explained in detail what were the questions that were asked. However, you can still refer to Google or maybe two youtube videos for preparation.
  12. The next question is did you join any institute before the interview? So according to me, there is absolutely no need of joining any institute it’s a total waste of money. Because in those institutes also in for three months will be taught only English communication grooming and walking so I feel if you have that caliber in yourself actually there’s no need of you going all these institutes and wasting your money.
  13. The next question is if I get selected for the interview will I have to go to Gurgaon for training? Yes. So for indigo, the training center is Ifly.
  14. What is the cooling period if we get rejected in the last round of the interview? So, this is the most asked question as I told you in my indigo cabin crew interview rounds article that there are actually four to five rounds of interviews. So in the initial two rounds that are the one-to-one personal introduction round and the second is the hr round in these two rounds if you are selected no cooling period would be applied to you. However, if you were selected in the second round and you were promoted and shifted to the third round that was the medical round, and if you got rejected. There due to some of the medical requirements that you couldn’t fulfill. There will be a cooling period of three months that would be applicable to your application. So you could only apply after three months.
  15. The next question is the mandatory training. Is the mandatory requirement for swimming to get selection. So the answer is for indigo. It’s No. someone else also asked on my Instagram is it necessary for us to know swimming while we go for cabin crew interviews. So this question is actually very very specific to companies. Different companies and this question are not specific to whether you’re flying for domestic or whether you’re flying for international. This question is actually a very company-centric question. So like if you talk about indigo in indigo there’s no such requirement of you that you should be knowing swimming beforehand or applying for the interview.
  16. However, there would be an emergency exam of yours. If you get selected in the training procedure wherein you would be asked to jump from nine feet deep water and if that time if you won’t be able to jump from that nine feet water. You won’t be able to clear your exams. However for other airlines like if I’m not wrong swimming is mandatory.
  17. The next question is do selected candidates go through medical tests? Basically, there are two medical tests one medical test would be on the day of your interview is the third round. That I talked about so in that medical test only there’s a physical examination of your body of particularly talking about your hands your legs and your face that’s it and maybe a little bit of your eyesight. Once you get hired as a cabin crew. There would be a thorough medical examination that would be happening which would comprise of your x-rays, ultrasound, blood test, etc. So that was a detailed thorough test however it was not scheduled right after your interview. We were given a time span of I guess 15 days to get that test done.
  18. Now the next question was what should be our dress for the day of the interview. You can either go with formals or you can go with smart casuals for your interview. However, I recommend that you can go for formals with a half sleeve shirt and a well-fitted skirt black or nude stockings as per airline guidelines. When you apply for all these interviews you must go by the guidelines if they are asking for black stockings you should be going while wearing black stockings. If they ask for you to go with nude stockings.

Note – you can check indigo airline cabin crew interview dates and indigo ground staff interview dates for males and females. Indigo allows females only for their cabin crew jobs.

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So that’s all from my side thank you guys and if you have any other queries please type them down in the comment box I’ll be more than happy to help you to clear your cabin crew interview.

Here you can check the cabin crew interview dress code details. Also, read the detailed information about air hostess salaries in India.

I think now you are confident about your cabin crew interview in 2023. So now you can be prepared and attend the air hostess interview.

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    please check out our article on cabin crew interview questions and answer for fresher.

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