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Vistara Cabin Crew Interview in October 2023 for Fresher – Apply Now

Are you from India? and looking for a Vistara cabin crew interview? then don’t worry I am here to help you. Freind’s here you will get the latest walk-in interview details for the Vistara air hostess.

Not only that, but you will also get some helpful interview tips from Aviation Dreamer. Which will help you to become a Vistara cabin crew for males and females?

So, if you are interested to join Air Vistara careers you should read this job article till the end. Here you will get all the information that will be required to apply for Vistara cabin crew careers. Like interview location, date, place, interview venue, eligibility criteria, cabin crew salary, and how you can apply online and get the job notification from them.

Please check out each and every piece of information and then you can go and attend the interview at the mentioned interview venue and fulfill your dream to fly with India’s best airlines.

vistara cabin crew interview

Vistara Air Hostess Walk-in-Interview Details in October 2023

Company Name – Vistara
Job Title – Cabin Crew/Air Hostess
Job Location – Mumbai, India
Walk-in Date – 05 October 2023
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Company Name – Vistara
Job Title – Cabin Crew/Air Hostess
Job Location – Mumbai, India
Walk-in Date – 14 October 2023
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Company Name – Vistara
Job Title – Cabin Crew/Air Hostess
Job Location – Delhi NCR, India
Walk-in Date – 15 October 2023
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Company Name – Vistara
Job Title – Cabin Crew/Air Hostess
Job Location – Kolkata, India
Walk-in Date – 19 October 2023
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Company Name – Vistara
Job Title – Cabin Crew/Air Hostess
Job Location – Lucknow, India
Walk-in Date – 27 October 2023
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Company Name – Vistara
Job Title – Cabin Crew/Air Hostess
Job Location – Delhi NCR, India
Walk-in Date – 29 October 2023
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Vistara Cabin Crew Recruitment Eligibility Criteria for Freshers

  1. All the applicants must have an Indian Nationality with a Valid Passport, PAN Card, and Aadhar Card.
  2. You should have excellent communication skills in English and Hindi.
  3. Minimum Height Required – For females 155 cm (arms reach should be 212 cm) and for males 170 cm.
  4. Minimum Education Required– 10+2 (Class 12th) with a minimum of 60% score in 12th.
  5. No tattoos are to be visible when the Vistara Airlines uniform is worn.
  6. All the applicant’s BMI range will be – for females 18 – 22 and for males 18 – 25.

Vistara Airlines Air Hostess Eligibility Criteria for Experienced

  1. Minimum experience required 1 year as a cabin crew from any domestic or international airline.
  2. Should have a valid SEP License.
  3. Applicant age should be under 20 years to 34 years.

Note – if you are looking for Indigo cabin crew jobs please check the link and also you can check here for Indigo Airlines ground staff interview details for 2023.

For Vistara Airlines Cabin Crew In-charge

  1. Minimum experience required 4 years as cabin crew from any domestic or international airline.
  2. Should have a valid SEP license.
  3. Candidate should have completed 3500 hrs of total flying (proof of hours required) with a minimum of 1 year as CCIC.
  4. Applicant age should be under 24 years to 36 years.

Documents Required for Vistara Air Hostess Interview

  • You should have a valid Indian Nationality certificate.
  • A valid Passport is required to apply for cabin crew at Vistara Airlines.
  • Required PAN Card.
  • Required Aadhar Card.

Jobs Description of Air Vistara Cabin Crew

  • Welcome passengers on board and direct them to your seats.
  • Inform passengers of the aircraft safety procedures and ensure that all hand luggage is safely stored away.
  • Including the safety of the safety device and the safety checks, the flight is completed before the aircraft becomes clean and orderly, and the information in the seat pocket is up to date and on all the food, drinks, and stock boards.
  • Check that all seat belts and galleries are safe before take-off.
  • Making announcements on behalf of the pilot and answering questions during the flight.
  • Serving food and snacks.
  • Participation in the pre-flight briefing, during which the air cabin crew are assigned their place of work for the upcoming flight. Flight details, schedule, number of infants on board, and travelers with special needs such as diabetic passengers or passengers in a wheelchair.
  • Reassuring passengers and ensuring that they are safe in operation.
  • Giving first aid where necessary.
  • Ensure passengers get safely off at the end of a flight and check that there is no luggage left in the overhead locker and there is no stove way or suspicious luggage on board.
  • Completing paperwork, including writing flight reports.

How to Apply Online for Air Vistara Careers

Click here to redirect to the Vistara Airlines official website. And then at the last of that page, you will get an online apply button, and then by filling out the form correctly, you can successfully apply online. If you want to check more vacancies for Air Vistara Career, then please click here.

Also to apply online you can follow the below steps

Step 1 – Here you have to enter your personal details like email address, name, and phone number.

Step 2 – Here you have to enter your contact details.

Step 3 – This information is for the experienced person but freshers will be live this blank.

Step 4 – This option is also for experienced persons.

Step 5 – Here you have to enter your passport details.

Step 6 – Here you have to enter your permanent address details and the position for which you are applying.

Step 7 – Here you have to enter your date of birth, gender, weight, and height.

Step 8 – Now the last step if you have done any training from the below list then select and submit your application form.

Note – This is a walk-in interview so you have to attend the interview on the mentioned date by applying online and do not wait for any reply from the company end. Thank you.

Note – here you can check out some airline interview question lists that will help you to pass this interview. Also, you can check out other airline jobs like flight attendant jobs or ground staff jobs.

Vistara Cabin Crew Salary for Fresher

Freind’s it’s really difficult to tell about the salary of any airline staff. Because each and every company has some SOP and we should not speak about those in public. Because this is the secret information of a company.

Here I am just talking about the approximate salary that you can get as a Vistara air hostess. So, the salary scale is Rs 25k to 33k per month as a fresher.

Also, you will get some other cabin crew benefits like travel tickets, insurance, medical, and flying hours charges.


Can 5’2 be a cabin crew?

People 5,2 ‘tall can be cabin crew. For that, he has to find an airline that employs people of this height. I know the number of airlines is very low. But if you are looking for a job with a small airline or a private airline then you will have the advantage of getting the right job depending on your height.

What are the minimum requirements to be a flight attendant?

You will find Air Asia’s requirements criteria in the section above. But it is in terms of basic criteria.
Education passed high school.
1. Good communication skills in English.
2. Minimum age of 18 years. For international airlines, it’s 21 years.
3. You should know how to swim, have good health conditions, and have a stunning personality.
4. Weight according to BMI.

Is cabin crew a permanent job?

It depends entirely on the airline. But yes most airlines hire cabin crew on a permanent basis and there are some airlines that hire cabin crew on a contract basis.

Can I be a flight attendant if I’m fat?

Sorry, the answer is no. Because to be a flight attendant your weight must be proportional to your height and you must be able to perform the duties of a flight attendant effectively.

Can a 5-foot girl become a flight attendant?

First, you need to check the airline’s requirements criteria. This is because each airline has different criteria for applicant height. If I talk about Air Asia, they want 157cm height for women and 169cm height for men.

Do flight attendants need perfect teeth?

No. The airline never tells you that you should have just perfect teeth. But yes, airlines look for candidates with good and presentable teeth and a healthy smile.

Is a married girl can apply for the Air Asia air hostess?

Yes, of course, you can apply for an Air Asia Air Hostess job after completing a 10 + 2 / Higher Secondary Exam. No problem with your marital status. But I advise everyone to check the criteria of specific job requirements before applying.

Here you can check out the cabin crew interview questions and answers list to get prepared.

Friends, I think now you can attend the Vistara cabin crew interview without any problem. But some important information that you should remember, allows you to keep your document when you go and sit for an interview.

So, if you have any more queries on this topic or related to aviation jobs or the aviation industry please feel free to contact me. Also, you can contact me on my Facebook page or YouTube channel for more information. Thank you best of luck.

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    Also if any medical certificate is required?

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