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Hello, everyone, do you know what is cabin crew? or what is air hostess? we all know how a cabin crew dresses, how they look like.

But here you will understand the details information about what is cabin crew job. what are the responsibilities they do? how safe they are and many more about their job.

What is a Cabin Crew

So, normally airline cabin crew or flight attendant is an occupation or job title. A cabin crew is responsible for providing safety and full comfort to the airline passengers on board.

Also, a cabin crew is known as a flight attendant, air hostess, flight steward, or stewardess who provides service to the airline passenger when a flight is on the air.

what cabin crew

It can be a male or female but most airlines prefer female cabin crew first. Friends if you want to understand what is cabin crew then you should know their job responsibilities first from the below details.

What is Cabin Crew Job Responsibilities

  • Attending pre-flight briefings about the flight, passengers, and schedule.
  • Check the pre-flight to ensure the safety equipment is functioning properly and to ensure that the aircraft is stocked with enough food for the flight.
  • Greeting passengers as they board and helping them to find their seats and seat properly.
  • Ensuring that passengers are aware of safety procedures and demonstrate how to use emergency equipment.
  • Ensuring that hand luggage is securely stowed.
  • Making announcements on behalf of the captain’s comment.
  • Serving food and drink to the airline passengers.
  • Selling duty-free items. (depend on the airline)
  • Performing first aid if required.
  • Ensuring that passengers follow safety procedures in an emergency.
  • Making sure that passengers leave the plane safely upon arrival.
  • Completing flight reports after completing the flight journey.

Note – Check out The Cabin Crew Interview Process step by step in Emirates Airlines. For cabin crew or flight attendant interview tips.

What are Cabin Crew Job Requirement Criteria

  • To become a cabin crew you should have to complete your secondary education.
  • Also, airlines will be required to check your English communication skill (reading, writing & speaking)
  • If you have any 2nd language that will be better for you, the language will be respected by the airline.
  • If you have customer service experience from a similar industry it will be great for you.
  • The airline allows hiring cabin crew with good medication & fitness candidates and the ability to swim at least 25 meters.
  • You should have a valid passport.
  • Clearance from the Disclosure and Barring Service.
  • Most of the airlines require a minimum of 158 cm as you will need to be able to reach all the safety equipment in the aircraft (height will vary on the airline)
  • A minimum age restriction is usually 18 to 21 (age will vary on the airline)

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How to Apply for Cabin Crew

Friends if you understand what is cabin crew? and now you are so interested in applying for a cabin crew job. Then you should check out the below details.

There is two way to apply for a cabin crew or air hostess job. That is the online application process and the offline application process. Now you have to decide which you will be preferred to apply.

Bust as of now most of the applicants prefer to apply online for airline cabin crew. Please check the below link to apply for some big airlines all over the World.

  1. Emirates cabin crew jobs
  2. Qatar Airways cabin crew jobs
  3. Singapore airline cabin crew jobs
  4. British Airways cabin crew jobs
  5. United airline cabin crew jobs
  6. Lufthansa airline cabin crew jobs
  7. Etihad Airways cabin crew jobs
  8. Air India cabin crew jobs
  9. Indigo cabin crew jobs
  10. Spicejet Airline cabin crew jobs
  11. GoAir cabin crew jobs
  12. Vistara Airline cabin crew jobs
  13. Malindo Airline cabin crew jobs
  14. Gulf Air cabin crew jobs
  15. Privet airline cabin crew jobs

Here you can check out the cabin crew lifestyle of Qatar Airways.


  1. What is the work of a cabin crew?

    The main work of a cabin crew or flight attendant is to maintain flight safety and serve the airline passengers on board. If you want to know more details about cabin crew jobs please check the above job description part.

  2. What qualifications do you need for the cabin crew?

    The airline required applicants who have completed their secondary education from any board or university for their cabin crew.

  3. What is the difference between cabin crew and air hostess?

    Friends cabin crew and flight attendants are basically identified by every airline staff who is present on the flight when flying on the air. But air hostess-only identifies the female cabin crew who are responsible to serve airline passengers and maintain the safety of the flight.

  4. How much is the salary of a cabin crew?

    A cabin crew salary varies on many things from airline to airline, the country in which you are working. So, it’s very difficult to tell the exact salary scale. But yes after the experiment we can tell you as a cabin crew you can earn approximately $1900 to $2200 per month.

  5. Which airline pays the highest salary to the cabin crew?

    As of now and in my experience Emirates Airlines provides the best salary package and benefits to their cabin crew staff.

  6. Is the cabin crew a safe job?

    Yes, now cabin crew or flight attendant job is the safest and preferable job.

  7. How many hours can the cabin crew work?

    Cabin crew duty hours are a maximum of 10 hours to 15 hours. Depending on the airline.

  8. Is there an age limit for cabin crew?

    Most of the airline hiring cabin crew is between 18 to 21 years old candidate.

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Cabin Crew interview question list

So, I hope now you have a clear understanding of what is cabin crew. so, if you want to apply for a cabin crew you need to check this article till the end.

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