What is Ground Staff? And Duty of a Ground Staff?

Hello, friends here is Aviation Dreamer. And yes we dreamed to join the airport as Cabin Crew or as a Ground Crew. So my today’s topic is to What is Ground Staff? and their duty? So, if you dream to become a Ground Staff please read it till the end.

The work of ground staff is huge and varied. They have to do a lot of work from commercial to technical handling for the arrival of a safe and stable departure and an aircraft. They are very responsible for many things that happen at the airport. So, to become an Airport Staff we should have knowledge about the general security of the airport. This security training will provide by the company after passing the interview final rounds.

They operate at the airports to run the airports efficiently. From the reception of passengers to the take-off of the aircraft, airport ground staff and air operations personnel, business activities, airline operations, and operating airports, play an important role. If you want to know more about Ground Crew please check from Wikipedia.

ground staff

Ground staff work’s Inside the airport terminal

  • Checking passengers for flights – they are checking all the passenger and give them boarding pass and big luggage tag.
  • The passengers whose flights have been canceled or are delayed, re-book them or make a booking again.
  • Helping those traveling with disabled passengers or small children.
  • Give the passengers the latest information about the flights.
  • Helping passengers in all inquiries, including lost or delayed goods or any requirement.
  • When the situation arises, assist the staff in the security check and solve their problems in a short time.
  • Providing high-level customer service for those traveling by passengers and the airport.

Outside the airport terminal

  • Handling all loading and unloading of passenger bags from the plane and send them for delivery to the passenger.
  • Helping direct passengers to land in the airport and properly guide them.
  • Directing the landing aircraft to the taxi spots.
  • Providing services to the passenger at the arrival area. Like – steps from the aircraft for passengers and crew to disembark the aircraft.

What are the requirements for cabin crew in jet airways?

Technical Role at the Airport

  • Coordination and management of employees around the aircraft during their stopover.
  • Assign documents required for the flight to the captain of the aircraft.
  • Preparation of flight planning, fuel, weather conditions, and other important information.
  • Management of take-off slots with air traffic organizations.
  • Manage the airline network and bring the aircraft in time to the fleet.

What is the Cabin Crew Salary of Jet Airways?

What should I do to get an airport Job?

How you can apply for these jobs

To apply for this job you have to follow the airline’s official website to get the walk-in interviews and also to apply online you have to follow the airline’s careers page. Also, you can subscribe to our website Aviation Dreamer, or Facebook Page to get all the airline’s interview updates. And if you need any help to clear an airline interview then you can check out our YouTube Channel. Thank You

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