What is the Cabin Crew Salary of Jet Airways? in details for Freshers

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Cabin Crew Salary in Jet Airways – Hello, a friend’s here is Aviation Dreamer. Here you can get help to find out Aviation Jobs and also, get exited interview tips for your interview.

So, friends today’s topic is What is the Cabin Crew Salary of Jet Airways? in detail for Freshers. So if you want to become Cabin Crew, you are on the correct path. so requested you read this till the end to understand properly.

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Here I will share some experience of my friends who are working in Jet Airways from last 2 years. I think this article help you so much to understand cabin crew salary in Jet Airways.

If we are talking about the salary of a cabin crew or flight attendant, it varies on the fling base and the filing location. Also, it depends on the airlines. So, As a flight attendant, salaries in Jet Airways also depend on the basis on which you are flying.

Mainly Jet Airways has the basis of the crew in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Cochin, and Trivandrum.

If a person is flying out of Mumbai, the salary for Dell or Cochin Fresher goes up to 65 to 70k due to more flight hours and international destination allowances, although the cabin crews of the rest of the cities can make up to 50k.

My friend has based in Bangalore for two years in jet airways 2013–2015 and did not earn more than 45,  but when he took a transfer to Cochin he can make almost 70k per month. Cabin Crew interview questions.

So, as of now and as per the above information now the salary can little increase. So, I can tell you if you want to become a cabin crew in India, Jet Airways is a big option or the great future option for girls and boys.

If you want to find out Jet Airways’ latest vacancy for cabin crew Click Here. and apply it online or you can find the walk-in interview details.

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