What Would You Do As A Cabin Crew If A Passenger Was Having a Medical Emergency?

Guys, did you know that airlines provide medical training during their cabin crew training? Hence, the cabin crew can handle any medical emergency on board. If you want to become a cabin crew or your dream cabin crew then you should know all this.

Also, you should have some general skills to handle any medical emergency in the cabin. In the section below, you will find detailed information on how to handle an in-flight medical emergency as a cabin crew.

passenger medical emergency

As A Cabin Crew, If A Passenger Was Having A Medical Emergency, I Would Follow The Below Steps

  • Assess the situation – I would first assess the situation to determine the severity of the emergency. If the passenger is unconscious or not breathing, I would immediately call for help and begin CPR. If the passenger is conscious but seems to be in pain or discomfort, I would ask them about their symptoms and try to determine the cause of the problem.
  • Get help – If the emergency is serious, I would call for help from the other cabin crew members. We would work together to provide the passenger with the necessary care. If there is a doctor or other medical professional on board, I would ask them for assistance.
  • Use the emergency medical kit – The aircraft is equipped with an emergency medical kit that contains a variety of supplies that can be used to treat medical emergencies. I would use the supplies in the kit to provide the passenger with the necessary care.
  • Communicate with the pilot – I would keep the pilot informed of the situation and any decisions that are made. The pilot may need to make changes to the flight plan, such as diverting to the nearest airport with medical facilities, if the emergency is serious.
  • Reassure the passenger – It is important to remain calm and professional when dealing with a medical emergency. I would reassure the passenger that they are receiving the best possible care and that everything is being done to help them.

Some Additional Tips for Cabin Crew Members Dealing With Medical Emergencies

  • Stay calm – It is important to stay calm and professional when dealing with a medical emergency. This will help to reassure the passenger and make it easier to provide the necessary care.
  • Be organized – It is important to be organized and have a plan when dealing with a medical emergency. This will help to ensure that the passenger receives the best possible care.
  • Be prepared – Cabin crew members should be prepared for medical emergencies by being familiar with the emergency medical kit and knowing how to use the supplies. They should also be familiar with the airline’s policies and procedures for dealing with medical emergencies.

Hopefully, by following these steps, cabin crew members can help ensure that passengers experiencing an in-flight medical emergency receive the best possible care. Also, they can provide the best service to their passengers on behalf of the airline.

Hope this article will help cabin crew or cabin crew aspirants to know more about cabin crew job responsibilities. So, if you have any other queries related to cabin crew jobs please comment below.

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