What should I do to get an airport Job? Different jobs at the airport

Airport Jobs – Hello, friends here is Aviation Dreamer with a new topic. Do you want to work at an airport? Or What should I do to get an airport Job? Different jobs at the airport for the freshers. So here you can get tips for airport jobs. Especially as freshers when we want to become pilots or flight attendants. we don’t know what should we do and where should we go for the jobs. Here you will get all the answers.

airport jobs

Well, there are different kinds of jobs you can do at the airport. However their job roles and pay scales vary based on the job. So, first, you have to decide which post you want to go forward with. And then study the details and the skills, qualifications,s and more.

So, in the below, you will get the different jobs at the airport or airlines –

  1. Flight Pilot – Become a pilot and join an airline. Because of their skill, the pilot gets a lot of pay compared to Flight stewards and Stewardesses. remember to become a pilot you should have the CPL. Click Here to check the top 10 pilot training schools in the USA.
  2. Aircraft Technician – Get degrees in aeronautics or similar and join airline or aircraft manufacturing (like Boeing, Airbus) or maintenance companies. Then you can work on the latest avionics on the plane in the airport hangar. To join as a technician, you need to complete the training and achieve the ICAO certificate.
  3. Airport Ground Staff – Join an airline for non-flying work This is finance, bookings, and operations, and you can get an opportunity to work at the airport.
  4. Flight Attendant or Cabin Crew – Join an airline as a steward/hostess. Then you can fly daily and travel around the world.
  5. Immigration Officer – Join the Ministry of External Affairs In the departments involved in immigration control and you may get an airport posting. But it depends on the country because immigration is a very sensitive place to work.
  6. Security Officer – Join the rescue Industrial security such as CISF and if you are lucky, you may be deployed at the airport to maintain the safety and security of the passengers.
  7. Cargo Officer – Join cargo handling, it needs lots of her work than the passenger airport officer.
  8. Airport Maintenance Staff – Join the airport as a maintenance worker or run a shop in the airport, such as contract work.

So, I think this article will help you very much and if you want to become a Flight Attendant, Pilot, or Ground Staff you can check the below articles

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