Why does an airline hire women as air hostesses and not men?

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Hello everyone welcome to Aviation Dreamer. Here you will get all kinds of airlines information like- Aviation Job Search, Aviation Interview Tips, and Aviation News. So, in today’s article, I am gonna discuss an important topic on air hostesses. The topic is “Why does airline hire women as air hostesses and not men?”. 

And I think when we are prepared for air hostess job or flight attendant job we can see. That the airline preferred a female candidate more than a male candidate. Also, some of the airlines never hire a male candidate. So, really its a tuff time for the male to dreamed for flight attendant job. But it’s too tuff also if you are prepared and giving 100% for getting this job. I am telling you, you will get the success.

If we are talking about other vacancies like Ground Staff, AME or RAMP service. Airlines mostly hired male staff. Because there has some physical work that can be done by a male staff better. But Cabin crew is a glamorous profession so when it comes to glamour it’s perfect with girls more than boys. Girls are more beauty consitues than a guy. They are more preferred in the service industry as cabin crew is the lot about hospitality.

Still there are many Indian airlines hiring male cabin crew but still, the ratio seems to be 2/20 and where as foreign airlines hire more male cabin crew with the ratio 4/10.

So here are some points that can help you to find out the reason to hire female as air hostesses

  1. Females are attractive to passengers. They get a warm welcome and good Byes.
  2. Generally, people tend to listen more to females rather than males. Little psychology. So useful to listen to the instructions or safety measures.
  3. Women are naturally sweeter than men. Apparently, we also find women are sweet than men. So, for passengers’ satisfaction, women are preferred.
  4. They are trained in a managerial way indirectly or directly how to handle people. Obviously, females are good listeners and they can be trained easily.
  5. They are calm and less arrogant
    (Offend me for sure, with relationship crisis, but not with public things :P )
  6. Women are less in weight. It can save some fuel.

Most of the flights are owned by men. If you own a flight, obviously you would hire females right? opposite sex attractions. No offends.

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So, I think I have mentioned all the important things to become a flight attendant. and I hope you will like this article and bookmark my website for future information.

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