Are you looking for Wizz air cabin crew jobs? Because here in this article you will get full details about Wizz air flight attendant vacancies. Even if during this tough time this job vacancy can be a hope for all the aviation dreamers.

So, if are you looking for cabin crew jobs and want to fly with Wizz air, also, you like to make new friends, know different languages, culture, and travel throughout the World. Then this job is for you. This is your turn to fly with your own wings.

So, here in this article, you will get full details about the Wizz air cabin crew vacancy. like Wizz cabin crew requirement criteria, job responsibility, salary, and benefits.

wizz air cabin crew

Wizz Air Cabin Crew Requirement Criteria

  • You are aged 18 or over
  • Wizz Air Abu Dhabi – You are aged 21 or over
  • You are a minimum of 165 cm (ladies) or 175 cm (gentlemen) tall, with an arm reach of 210 cm while standing on tiptoes
  • You have a high school degree
  • You are fluent – written and spoken – in English and in an additional Central Eastern European language (either Romanian, Bulgarian, Polish, Hungarian, German, Lithuanian, Latvian, Slovak, Czech, Macedonian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Georgian or Bosnian)
  • Wizz Air UK (Luton base): You are fluent – written and spoken – in English, additional CEE language knowledge is an advantage
  • Wizz Air Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi base): You are fluent – written and spoken – in English; Arabic language knowledge is an advantage
  • You have a valid passport without limitations (minimum 6 months)
  • You are able to swim
  • You live or are ready to move within 60 minutes of your chosen base and prepared to make this journey upon work schedule
  • You don’t have tattoos and/or piercing on parts of the body that are visible when wearing uniform
  • You are an enthusiastic person who likes working with people
  • Please note that if you wear glasses or contact lenses and your prescription is above +4 or below -4, you are unlikely to pass the mandatory medical examination

Job Responsibility of Wizz Air Flight Attendant

  • Provides excellent customer service and creates a friendly atmosphere onboard
  • Manages in-flight sales and cash handling
  • Properly executes the duties related to the safety of the aircraft and the passengers, while maintaining
  • consistency with the highest ethical standards
  • Welcomes passengers with a smile and helps them during the flight
  • Arrives at work on time, adequately rested and properly presented in order to provide these services at the highest level

Note – here you can find out Oman air cabin crew in 2022 and apply for them online.

How to Apply for Wizz Air Jobs

Friends if you want to apply for Wizz air cabin crew jobs you need to visit the Wizz air career page by clicking here. Then first you need to log in with your email ID and password. For new users need to sign up first.

After that just you need to fill up the application form with your personal information and then submit your application online.

If you have cabin crew experience with any other airline and now you want to apply for the Wizz air cabin crew. Then you need to contact directly to Wizz air recruitment team by email on –

Wizz Air Cabin Crew Salary

Friend base on the market Wizz air cabin crew getting a good salary package. After checking more than 5 Wizz air cabin crew salary slip from different locations, we can tell you that as a fresher you can expect £593 to £1000.

Wizz Air Cabin Crew Benefits

  • A stable job at a rapidly developing company
  • A friendly and multicultural work environment
  • Career opportunities
  • Discounts on flights & bonus airline tickets (even for your family and friends)
  • New challenges every day
  • Complete and free Cabin Crew training
  • Work according to a duty roster (schedule) published monthly, 2 weeks beforehand

Note – all the benefits will be provided after 6 months of joining. If you are looking for cabin crew jobs in United airlines please check the link and also you can check here for Emirates airline’s latest vacancy for a cargo agent.

Friends, we hope this information will help you to apply for Wizz air cabin crew jobs. Just you need to apply it online and wait for the interview information.

So, if you have any more queries on this topic or related to aviation jobs or the aviation industry please feel free to contact me. Also, you can contact me on my Facebook page or YouTube channel for more information.

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