You Need Hospitality Experience To Apply For Cabin Crew Jobs?

Hello everyone, do you want to apply for a Cabin Crew or Flight Attendant job? but if you think that it needs some experience in the customer service field then don’t worry about it. In today’s article, you will get the full idea of it. Yes, today I am gonna write on the topic of Do You Need Hospitality Experience To Apply For Cabin Crew Jobs?

Many girls and boys believe that if you want to apply for cabin crew jobs then customer service experience is necessary. I have met the cabin crew who used to work in separate areas before to serving customers. I was flying with teachers, lawyers, and nurses. I also have no work experience meeting the cabin crew. Being a cabin crew, she was the first job she ever had!

But yes, I can tell you it’s good to have good customer service or hospitality experience. But it does not need to be a cabin crew. Interviewers are looking at the candidate’s personality, not the title of his previous job. However, you need to be good with the people.

Requirement To Apply For  Cabin Crew Jobs

  • It’s About Mindset

James Reed explains in his book that there’s one question about you as an application that runs through a recruiter’s mind: “Do you have the right mindset to make a truly exceptional contribution here?”

This is the reason that the recruiters ask about these experiences in these interview questions. In reality, they do not care about experience, skill, or mentality. The mindset defeats the skill set at any time.

  • Skills Can Be Taught

Skills can be taught. Airlines will show you the skills to become a great cabin crew. But they can not give you the right mindset to get a job. It comes from within you.

Therefore, do not be frustrated to think that you do not have the proper work experience to request the work of the cabin crew. If you have the right mentality, then you are more likely to get a job compared to other applicants, who have the skills and experience, but there is a lack of ideal mentality.

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