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Are you traveling frequently with Air India? but would not get any extra benefits? Then here I am introducing Air India flying returns program.

So, friends, we all know that Air India is India’s biggest airline and serves most of the region for Indian passengers. So, if you are a regular traveler with Air India, you should get these benefits of flying returns benefits.

Sometimes it will help us to save our money and also get some extra benefits as a Flying Returns program cardholder.

In this article I will discuss the topic of Air India flying returns program advantages and how you can apply online and also some important FAQs.

air india flying returns

Advantages of Air India Flying Returns Program

  • You can fly to any class or sector on Air India’s extensive network for qualifying fares (RBD) or receive FR points each time and operate more than 18450 flights per day at 1300 airports in 190 countries. 27 Star Alliance members operate airlines.
  • At higher fares, such as Business / First Class, you earn bonus FR points, and FR points faster.
  • You accumulate points on select flights of ‘code-share’ airlines.
  • Points earned with our non-airline conversion control program can be converted into flying return points and transferred to your FR account according to the Partner Program rules.
  • Points earned in the FR account can be redeemed for travel on Air India or 27 Star Alliance member airlines, according to the status of the member account, for self or other prize tickets.

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Air India Flying Returns Process

To log in to Air India flying returns program you need to fill up their KYC form and then you will get login details of the flying returns program.

So, if you want to apply online please click here.

Types of Tire of Air India Flying Returns Program

Normally there is 4 membership tire in the Air India frequent flyer program. Those are –

  1. Flying Program (Basic) less than 25,000 FR points
  2. Silver Edge Club (SEC) has more than 25,000 FR points
  3. Golden Edge Club (GEC) has more than 50,000 FR points
  4. The Maharajah Club (TMC) has more than 75,000 FR points

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  1. What is the name of Air India’s frequent flyer program?

    Flying Returns. For more information about the flying return program download the pdf file and read.

  2. What is the advantage of my becoming a member of Flying Returns?

    You can avail of privileges to fly on qualification fares in any class or region on an extensive network of Air India or airline alliance partners and earn miles each time. What’s more, you collect miles on select ‘codeshare’ flights on Air India as well as our online partners!

  3. What are the eligibility criteria to become a member of the program?

    1. Membership is open to individuals 12 and above years of age residing in any country (unless participation in such programs is specifically prohibited by law in a country)
    2. Where are Flying Returns application forms available?
    Application forms are available at – Member Service Centers (MSC) Offices at Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Singapore, and Dubai.
    3. Airport Extension Counters in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.
    4. On the website Icon
    5. Online enrolment is available on

    Note – Current members are requested to mention their Membership number in the subject line of their email, fax, or correspondence to enable faster processing.

    Please click on the respective links below for addresses, telephone numbers, email IDs, and timings of Member Service Centers
    Member Service Center – India website that opens in a new window
    Member Service Centers – International website that opens in a new window

  4. How should I enter my name on the enrolment form?

    Your name should be entered exactly as it appears on your driver’s license, passport, PAN Card, or Voter’s ID Card.

  5. How can I earn miles?

    To ensure that you receive mileage credits, please provide your Flying Return membership number for each reservation. When you check in at the airport, you can also present your Flying Return Membership Card. You must ensure that the ticket is issued in the same way that the name appears on your membership card. Miles is not credited only after one member actually completes the trip and immediately after check-in. Members are not entitled to miles for tickets purchased, but not used. No Miles will be given credit in respect of flights initiated to redeem the awards under Flying Returns. In the event of any upgrade of the ticket, Miles will be credited for the class of travel in which the member was given the ticket and not for the advanced class of travel.

  6. What is Air India’s Flying Returns Program?

    Flying Returns is the name of Air India’s frequent flyer program for their frequent flyer.

  7. What is the eligibility criterion for becoming a member of the program?

    Membership is open to persons two years and older in all countries except as prohibited by law. Members who are 2 years of age but below 12 years of age will be enrolled as child members.

  8. How can I enroll?

    A person is required to upload on a membership profile – a government-issued valid photo ID, universally accepted such as a passport, proof of current valid address, mentioned as the primary address in the member profile and a unique email Providing ID and a unique mobile phone number that is not registered with any other flying return account to become a member separate OTP will be sent to this email ID and mobile number. Which is required to be valid to register as a member.

  9. How should I enter my name on the enrolment form?

    Your name should be entered exactly as it appears on your passport.

  10. What address should I enter in my FR Account on enrolment?

    You can enter your home and business address. We will mail all correspondence to your primary address recorded in your Flying Returns account.

  11. Can documents for KYC verification, be submitted in any language?

    Documents uploaded for KYC verification should be in the English language. In countries where the document is in the country’s language, a copy of the translation of the document duly certified by the Indian High Commission in that country is to be uploaded for KYC verification.

  12. Can my card be used by anyone else?

    Each membership card is strictly individual to the person to whom it is issued and is non-transferable.

  13. What do I do, if my membership card is lost?

    Loss, theft, or damage to the Flying Return Card must be reported to the call center immediately on the telephone number. 1860–233–1407 (for calls in India). FR digit 468 for the domestic address and 1468 for the international address will be debited for retrieval of the card from your account. These rates may be revised from time to time by Air India. However, if the membership card remains undetermined due to a change in address not being updated in the member’s account, an additional fee of the same points will be charged to resend the card.

  14. How can I earn FR Points?

    FR points can be earned by flying on Air India, Star Alliance member airlines or code-share flights. Additional points in the form of a web bonus can be earned by purchasing tickets on the Air India website or on the mobile app. Please provide your Flying Return Membership Number for each reservation to ensure that you receive FR Issue Credit. Apart from this, you can also present your flying return membership number at the time of check-in at the airport. You have to make sure that the ticket is issued in the same way that the name appears in your membership account. FR marks are not credited only after a member actually completes the journey and immediately after reservation/ticketing/check-in. Members are not entitled to FR Points for purchased tickets but are not used. No FR points will be credited in respect of flights initiated to redeem the awards under Flying Returns. In the event of any upgrade of the ticket, FR points will be credited for the class of travel in which the member was given the ticket and not for the advanced class of travel.

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So, I hope this article will help you to apply for Air India Flying Returns program and after that, you can get full benefits as an Air India passenger.

Thank you very much for reading this article. If you have a query please comment below for aviation-related information.

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