British Airways Cabin Crew Requirements for Freshers in July 2024

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Are you searching for British Airways cabin crew jobs? if yes then here is the information that can help you to become a BA cabin crew. All males and females can apply for this job. All nationalities can apply for this job as a fresher.

So, if you have completed your schooling and want to become a British Airways cabin crew then read this article till the end. In this article, you will get full information about British Airways cabin crew requirements criteria, job description, BA cabin crew salary, and their benefit in detail.

So, just you need to read this article till the end to apply for British Airways air hostess jobs. Also in the below table, you will get the latest British Airways jobs updates for different locations.

british airways cabin crew

British Airways Cabin Crew Requirements Criteria

  • Be aged 18 or over
  • Be between 5’2” (1.575m) and 6’1” (1.85m) tall, with weight in proportion to your height.
  • Grab a valid passport (12 months before the expiration date) with an unrestricted right to live and work in the UK and which allows unrestricted global travel.
  • You must be able to acquire a US Visa.
  • Have a vertical function reach of at least 2.01m (6’7).
  • Have 3 GCSEs at Grade C or above or the equivalent (excluding General Studies and Critical Thinking).
  • Be fluent in written and spoken English.
  • Able to swim 50m (55 yards).
  • Desirable in customer service experience.
  • Record Check.
  • Be able to obtain and keep an airside pass.
  • Be able to work shifts to cover 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days for the entire career.
  • Conduct stand-by duties close to your airport base.
  • Have no visible tattoos or body piercings.
  • To provide satisfactory references for the last 5 years and to undergo a Criminal

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BA Cabin Crew Job Description (Pre-flight & On-Flight)

  1. You should attend the British Airways cabin crew pre-flight briefing, where cabin crew are assigned their job positions for the upcoming flight
  2. The crew is notified about the flight details and schedule
  3. British Airways stewardess will be advised if there are passengers with any special requirements e.g. special meal requests, passengers who may have accessibility or communication challenges, wheelchairs, VIPs, frequent flyer passengers, and number of infants requiring infant seats are just a few considerations before boarding
  4. The cabin crew needs to carry out pre-flight duties such as –
    checking the safety equipment,
    ensuring the aircraft is clean and tidy,
    checking that all required refreshments are on board including special dietary requests
    relevant landing cards are loaded
    first aid equipment is checked and replenished where necessary
  5. The cabin crew enjoys welcoming passengers on board and directing them to their seats, helping them secure all hand luggage in the appropriate place
  6. The cabin crew needs to ensure that all walkways and exits are not obstructed for the duration of the flight
  7. The cabin crew needs to swiftly and diplomatically resolve any seating issues before preparing for take-off
  8. The cabin crew informs all passengers of the aircraft safety procedures
  9. The cabin crew checks every passenger’s seat belt is in place and securely fastened
  10. The cabin crew ensures that the galley equipment is safe and secure prior to take-off
  11. The cabin crew may need to make clear, timely announcements and keep passengers informed of any delays
  12. Cabin crew need to be visible to passengers in the cabin to answer questions during the flight
  13. The cabin crew provides timely professional service to passengers at all times e.g. when serving meals and refreshments
  14. The cabin crew may be required to sell duty-free goods and advise passengers of any duty-free allowance limitations/restrictions at their destination
  15. The cabin crew may be required to administer first aid to the passenger(s). If/when required, medical situations should be dealt with in a discrete and professional manner whilst keeping the situation and passenger calm and reassured
  16. The cabin crew needs to ensure that all passengers disembark safely at the end of a flight. All overhead lockers, public areas, toilets, and galleys need to be carefully checked to ensure that nobody has left their belongings on board the plane
  17. Cabin crew need to complete all necessary paperwork such as stock control, and logging of any faults, incidents, or problems that may have occurred during the flight before ending their shift
  18. The cabin crew needs to liaise with the ground staff, they are an important part of the team too
  19. Cabin crews work as Effective communication is essential to ensuring that you are part of a happy crew. This attitude will equate to more satisfied passengers.
  20. Happy satisfied customers potentially become regular loyal airline flyers with your Cabin Crew team.
  21. Every shift is an opportunity for you and your team to shine, so make sure you give yourself every opportunity to do just that. Excellent customer service is a skill you can use on every single flight!

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Latest BA Crew Job Update in July 2024

Job TitleLocationApply Now
Cabin Crew / Flight AttendantMumbai, IndiaClick here
Cabin Crew / Flight AttendantLondon, UKClick here
Cabin Crew / Flight AttendantHeathrow, UKClick here
Cabin Crew / Flight Attendant Heathrow, UKClick here
Cabin Crew / Flight AttendantMuharraq, Bahrain Click here
Cabin Crew / Flight AttendantGatwick, England Click here
Cabin Crew / Flight AttendantGatwick, England Click here
Experience Cabin Crew / Flight Attendant Gatwick, England Click here

British Airways Air Hostess Salary

  • Salary – As a BA cabin crew you can get between £21,000 & £25,000 per annum. This comprises a starting salary of £12,192 per annum. Which is one of the best salary structures in the industry?
  • Bonus – You’ll receive an extra hourly payment when you’re flying, performance-related bonuses or annual increments, and commission for in-flight retail sales.

Also, you can check out the cabin crew interview dress code. If you are applying for  British Airways careers as a cabin crew.

British Airways Air Hostess Benefits

You are eligible to get benefits after a qualifying period of six months in British Airways.

  • Annual leave starts at 30 days per year rising to 34 days per year.
  • Preference bidding (you can bid for certain destinations and state if you would prefer long or shortfall flying) but nothing is guaranteed and you will always have to do both long and short-haul as it is in your contract.
  • Investment in ongoing training and development (Great to further your career prospects with a very reputable airline)
  • Attractive travel concessions across an extensive network and other airlines
  • Unlimited discounted airfares for your friends and family
  • Contributory company pension scheme (worth having)!
  • Life insurance
  • Subsidized staff restaurants (and often worldwide restaurants with your employee ID card)
  • Julien MacDonald designer uniform
  • Secure car parking close to Terminal 5 (whilst operating only as a crew)
  • Free airport parking at Heathrow whilst on holiday
  • Discounts at selected car hire, hotels, and retail stores (on presentation of your staff ID pass)
  • Excellent facilities at the award-winning Terminal 5 at Heathrow which includes our state-of-the-art Crew Report Centre
  • Bonuses awarded on performance and commission for inflight retail sales.

Note – all the benefits will be provided after 6 months of joining. If you are looking for cabin crew jobs at United Airlines please check the link and also you can check here for Emirates Airline’s latest vacancy for a cargo agent.

How to Apply Online for British Airways Cabin Crew Jobs

Friends if you are interested in applying for the British Airways cabin crew online, please click here. The airline has cabin crew vacancies for Heathrow and London.

So, just you need to visit their official website from the above link give some MCQ questions and answers, and fill in your information you can apply online easily.

Here you can check out the Emirates cabin crew open day list for all nationalities to apply online.

British Airways Cabin Crew Interview Process Steps

  1. Start your journey with BA – On the first day of the Interview, you should come in with the preparation for British Airways. All the information you can get from our official career page. If you have passed this initial screening test. you will call for a one-to-one assessment day.
  2. Assessment Center Rounds – This interview is held twice a day at the British Airways recruitment center at their Waterside head office near Heathrow. Normally in this round, they will check your skills, take some tests, role-play, and do group exercises. Also, they will check your interest in working as a cabin crew on British Airways.
  3. Offer Letter – After successfully completing the assessment day we will send you an offer and contract with the job starting date from our application portal.
  4. Candidate Records Check – Now time to check your background and records. Normally airline checks your pre-employment and security checks, and criminal record checks, and also asks for a medical check and uniform fitting.
  5. Joining British Airways Cabin Crew Team – Now you have done all the interview rounds. British Airways will invite you to attend your cabin crew entrant training.

here you can check out the cabin crew interview question and answer list for freshers.

Friends, I think now you can apply for British Airways cabin crew jobs. But for some important things that you remember, allows you to keep your document when you go and the site to apply online.

Because it requires all documents like educational documents, personal documents, and experience documents.

So, if you have any more queries on this topic or related to aviation jobs or the aviation industry please feel free to contact me. Also, you can contact me on my Facebook page or YouTube channel for more information.

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