Flight Attendant Salary & Benefits in The USA [2024 Update]

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The salary of a flight attendant in the United States can vary depending on a number of factors, including the specific airline they work for, the type of aircraft they work on, their level of experience, and their location. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual wage for flight attendants in the United States was $56,000 as of May 2020.

Some airlines may offer higher salaries to flight attendants, while others may offer lower salaries. For example, flight attendants at major international airlines may earn higher salaries than those at smaller regional airlines. In addition, flight attendants who work on long-haul international flights may earn more than those who work on shorter domestic flights.

Flight attendants may also be eligible for benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and travel perks, which can add to their overall compensation. Many flight attendants also receive a per diem allowance to cover expenses while they are on layovers, which can help offset the costs of travel.

flight attendant salary benefits

It’s important to note that flight attendants often work irregular schedules, including overnight shifts and long hours, and may be required to be away from home for extended periods. This can be a demanding job, both physically and emotionally, and may not be suitable for everyone. However, for those who enjoy the travel and customer service aspects of the job, a career as a flight attendant can be rewarding and provide a good salary and benefits.

Flight Attendant Benefits in The USA

Benefits for flight attendants in the United States vary depending on the employer and the specific terms of their employment contract. Some common benefits that may be offered to flight attendants include:

  • Health insurance: Many airlines offer comprehensive health insurance plans to their flight attendants, which may include coverage for medical, dental, and vision care.
  • Retirement benefits: Some airlines offer retirement plans such as 401(k)s or pensions to their flight attendants.
  • Paid time off: Flight attendants are typically entitled to a certain amount of paid time off each year, which may include vacation time, sick leave, and personal days.
  • Travel benefits: Flight attendants often receive discounted or free travel for themselves and their families on their employer’s airline, as well as on other airlines through interline agreements.
  • Training and professional development: Many airlines offer training and professional development opportunities to their flight attendants, including language training and leadership development programs.
  • Uniforms: Airlines typically provide flight attendants with uniforms, which may include clothing, shoes, and accessories.
  • Employee assistance programs: Some airlines offer employee assistance programs to their flight attendants, which may include counseling and support services for personal and professional issues.

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Requirement Criteria of a Flight Attendant

  • Age: Most airlines have a minimum age requirement for flight attendants, which is typically between 18 and 21 years old.
  • Education: While a college degree is not usually required to become a flight attendant, many airlines prefer to hire candidates who have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Physical appearance: Flight attendants are typically required to have a well-groomed appearance and maintain a certain weight and height in proportion to their frame.
  • Physical ability: Flight attendants must be able to lift and move heavy objects, stand for long periods of time, and be able to reach overhead. They must also be able to pass a physical examination and meet other physical requirements.
  • Language skills: Many airlines require flight attendants to be fluent in English and at least one other language, as they may need to communicate with passengers who speak different languages.
  • Communication skills: Flight attendants must have excellent communication and customer service skills, as they will be interacting with a diverse group of passengers and must be able to handle difficult situations effectively.
  • Safety and emergency training: Flight attendants must complete safety and emergency training to learn how to respond to emergencies and ensure the safety of passengers.
  • Security clearance: Flight attendants may be required to undergo a security clearance check and pass a background check.

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Job Role of a Flight Attendant in The USA

  • Greeting and assisting passengers as they board the plane: Flight attendants may help passengers find their seats and stow their luggage, and they may also assist passengers with special needs, such as travelers with disabilities or young children.
  • Demonstrating emergency procedures: Flight attendants must be familiar with all emergency procedures and be able to demonstrate them to passengers in the event of an emergency. This includes demonstrating how to use emergency exits, oxygen masks, and other safety equipment.
  • Serving food and drinks: Flight attendants may be responsible for preparing and serving meals and drinks to passengers during a flight. They may also collect and dispose of trash and recyclables.
  • Responding to passenger requests and concerns: Flight attendants must be able to handle passenger requests and concerns in a friendly and professional manner. This may include answering questions about the flight, assisting with seat assignments, or handling complaints.
  • Ensuring safety regulations are followed: Flight attendants must ensure that all safety regulations are followed, including verifying that all passengers are seated and wearing their seat belts during takeoff and landing, and ensuring that electronic devices are turned off during takeoff and landing.
  • Performing pre-flight and post-flight duties: Before a flight, flight attendants may be responsible for preparing the cabin for takeoff, checking that all safety equipment is in working order, and verifying that the aircraft is ready for takeoff. After a flight, they may be responsible for cleaning the cabin and restocking supplies.

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How to Become a Flight Attendant

  1. Meet the minimum requirements: Most airlines have specific requirements for flight attendants, including a minimum age, education level, and physical appearance. Be sure to research the specific requirements of the airlines you are interested in working for.
  2. Obtain a high school diploma or equivalent: While a college degree is not typically required to become a flight attendant, most airlines prefer to hire candidates who have at least a high school diploma or equivalent.
  3. Gather the required documents: Airlines typically require applicants to provide a resume, cover letter, and other documents such as proof of citizenship, a passport, and any relevant certifications.
  4. Apply to airlines: Research airlines that are hiring flight attendants and apply for positions that fit your qualifications and interests. Many airlines have online application processes, and some may also accept applications in person or by mail.
  5. Attend an open house or information session: Some airlines hold open houses or information sessions for aspiring flight attendants, where you can learn more about the job and the selection process.
  6. Take part in the selection process: The selection process for flight attendants typically includes an initial application review, a written or online test, an in-person interview, and a medical examination. Some airlines may also require candidates to participate in a group assessment or role-playing exercise.
  7. Complete training: If you are selected to become a flight attendant, you will need to complete a training program, which may include classroom instruction, hands-on training, and simulation exercises.
  8. Obtain certification: Once you have completed training, you will need to obtain a certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) indicating that you are qualified to work as a flight attendant.
  9. Begin working as a flight attendant: After completing the training and obtaining your certification, you will be ready to begin working as a flight attendant.

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